Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holiday weekend update

For my regular readers, sorry it’s taken me a few days to get going again after the holiday break. It certainly wasn’t intentional. Work have been most unkind and made sure I have been ultra busy with not even time for a lunch break (which is when I usually pen this stuff). The cheek of it. Anyone would think they pay my salary.

Anyhow, I’m back and grabbing a few minutes and a coffee break to gather my thoughts. The holiday weekend was fantastic. Some real quality time spent with the family and extended family. There were BBQs, pool time, lazy breakfasts by the Med, some DIY, a bit of cleaning, and some gathering of new pets. Yes, my daughter has decided that the ‘in’ thing is to keep woodlouse. Bloody hundreds of them! Ema is not so sure it’s a good idea, and has suggested it is cruel. I tried to point out that she has no problem stepping on weird creepy crawlies like beetles, spiders etc, but the message didn’t seem to get home. As it is though, our pet family is now somewhere in the number of a couple of hundred when including the bizarre little critters.

Of course the holiday weekend brought quite a bit of online EQ2 time also. With quite a few instance runs, mainly tier 9 and a little side serving of raiding. In addition I hooked up with Jahf a few times to group and chat over VC. Good times. Not a vastly productive time raiding as far as loot goes for my toons this weekend, but that’s not always the point. We had a great time bashing out some of the zones and I had my first kill of Perah C (not the raidforce, they’ve done him before). What a fun fight. Hopping all over the place on to platforms, off, charmed moments (was fun seeing the dps I did to my fellow raid members, hehe) teleports, and a great deal other stuff. Took a few tries and we had to switch out some kit for resist gear, but in the end the fight went fairly smooth when we took him down.

The hopping on the platforms (there are four of them) is to stop the nasty statues there from becoming ‘real’ and joining in the fight. If that happens it’s pretty much game over. Funny thing is quite a few times I was looking at a platform and it seemed full of raid members, then the statue came alive. Couldn’t quite work that one out, but hey ho, was not an issue in the end. Just fun. I didn’t get to launch my cows again from my tinkered cow launcher for SnG, because the raid needed Adurj for the kill and the tinkerer is Voltaan. Oh well, maybe next time.

Looking forward to tonight. I have recommended to my raid leader another Warden who is a friend and guildy of mine, Arbor, as we need another Druid available for raiding. Tonight Ema (in the guise of Floh, her Coercer) me on Adurj, Arbor as solo heals and others to be determined later (hopefully Jahf will be about and I can grab him too) will run through Cella as a ‘trial’. I can’t see there being an issue. Arbor was telling me he has been solo healing Vig 1 and 2, which can be pretty tricky, especially with cures. I guess we will see how we go. If all goes well we can show him the hallowed path to the secret webby for raid sign ups. All sounds very clandestine huh? Just a bit of fun really.

Oh, yeah. Made a new friend too last night who is in to RP. Had a bit of fun and it’s been ages since I have been able or inclined to do any role playing, but was a bit of a blast. Don’t think I’ll be getting heavily back in to it, but great to keep my hand in so to speak.

As for TV, spent a lot of time watching MotoGP at Indianapolis, U.S. Good old Rossi grabbed a sweet 4th, so that was nice to see. Lets see if he can get a win at home in Misano this weekend coming. Nicky Hayden had some bad luck sadly when he cuaght his left knee slider on a drain cover and it ripped off. Not great on a circuit which mainly left hand bends. He still soldiered on though and got a not too bad fourth. Casey Stoner crashed out again and lo and behold it was everyone elses fault. According to him the front runners were riding like idiots and to keep up he had to take risks, one resulting in his front end wash out. I guess next time they will all ride like they are driving Miss Daisy just to accomodate Casey Moaner, not. That's why it's called, erm 'Racing'. Live with it man. You can either stick with the front runners, or you just can't. Guess you couldn't eh?

Until next time, be well.

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