Thursday, September 30, 2010

Access: No longer denied

I read at EQ2Wire today notification that come general update #58 access requirements will be removed from Deathtoll, the tier 7 raid zone. I found this and Deathdlrs’ discussion surrounding the subject very interesting and it got me to thinking of all the other access quests they have scrapped. I also got to thinking how they decide these things. It seems to me that there is obviously some rhyme or reason to when they choose to remove an access quest and perhaps they even have some sort of statute of limitations thing going on.

Part of the discussion that interests me, is not the access requirements that they have removed, but the access requirements they have left in place, and I wonder why. Is it down to a time thing? Do they just automatically remove all access quests when an expansion becomes ‘so old’? But if that was the case, how come Veeshans Peak had its access requirements scrapped way before Deathtoll? And, I’m pretty sure some of the Sinking Sands / Pillars of Flames instances still need some access quest requirement completing, but I’m also aware that most of them were removed. I’m not sure on that, but if it’s so, why? Oh, I don’t have any answers to these questions, but it’s interesting to pose them anyhow. It would be nice knowing how they come to decide this stuff.

One thing I hope they never get rid of is the quests themselves. I would like a choice to do the questline for interest or AA reasons, even though I don’t necessarily need them for access anymore. I wouldn’t like it if they remove the ability to do the quests altogether. I know they may not as they may argue that why should they keep something there that get’s used a couple of times a year, but that’s a whole other discussion. I guess I just don’t like it when content is removed. I understand the seasonal stuff being removed as it’s there for a particular holiday or celebration and would lose its appeal if was available all the time. But other content, unless it was causing game issues, I really don’t see why they would remove it. One example I am thinking of are the World Events. Specifically the ones that were brought in before the Gods returned (You know the ones, they gave cool house items that give buffs). I still have some of those sat in my quest journal in the hope that the one day they decide reinvent them. I know that is more than likely not going to happen as they may be a bit irrelevant nowadays, but I’d like a chance to finish my quests.

Another thing I don’t like that they have removed is the fact I can no longer start in Queens Colony or The Outpost of the Overlord. It seems a real shame. Those two zones were my introduction to EQ2 many years ago and I have a lot of happy memories from there. I don’t like it that I am not allowed to visit anymore (unless I am trying to kill a Dragon that is as part of the Prismatic timeline). I actually have a level 5 Paladin who is still in Queens Colony. I have not levelled him or removed him from there and to be honest I could do with his character slot, but I won’t delete him as he is the only link I have left with those zones. Although character slots won’t be an issue soon. SoE have announced they may be getting rid of restrictions on number of character slots available.

I just don’t like it when content is removed. Revamped, maybe and even then I kind of wish they didn’t mess unless something was appallingly bad and unbalanced. But when SoE remove content or access to areas, it kind of makes me feel like a few of my memories are being taken with them. The reason I think that is, is because I usually only get nostalgic when I visit those places again. For example I popped my head in to Mistmoore Castle the other day or when I headed in to Firemyst Gully, or when I log on to my Pally in the Queens Colony. These are the times I usually let out a sigh and state with comfortable achievement “Ahhh, I remember this”.

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  1. This seems to be a growing trend. Radiance (the way they gate content in Lotro) is being removed too to give free access to raid zones. They really need to think of a way to ensure the old content is not just skipped now however, possible by revamping the quests as you suggest.

  2. Indeed. It's a shame, but will probably be a trend that will continue.

    Got your PC fixed yet?

  3. Yep, all working now. Only the psu was damaged thank goodness!

  4. Phew! Civ V addiction can resume again!