Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hard Mode, Easy Mode

More raiding! I promise I’ll try to blog soon about something different. I only raid twice a week, but recently I guess it has fallen that when I blog is after a raid. In fact, I’ll try not to bore you too much with it and move on to something more enlightening. So, we headed out to Labs in Vasty Deep which went ok until we hit Perah Celsis Lichboy. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the zone, if it was bugged or not, but wow he seemed harder than the previous couple of times I’ve killed him and he seemed to heal huge amounts all the time and not just when raid members died. I don’t think he’s supposed to do that all the time.

Anyhow, we got a little bored after our fourth or fifth try so decided to move on to Toxx Hard Mode. For those who do not know what Hard Mode is, well it’s a way of making the encounter more difficult to get a better loot table. For example in Toxx (Lair of the Dragon Queen) in easy mode you fight three waves of nameds and adds, one after the other. In hard mode you fight the same amount but with the third wave comes Toxx the Dragon herself too. Simple, tougher fight, better loot = easy life for programmers where they don’t have to come up with loads of raid zones, just make each mob easy or hard mode.

I had quite a lot of fun doing that as I got to tank one of the nameds. OK we didn’t succeed as we were still learning the fight (like which tank gets swallowed by the Dragon and needs to be called out using a special wand that creates a gem on the floor that you have to click to free them - I think). But even so it was great fun, and also ratifying for me playing Voltaan that #1, I was allowed to tank and #2, I didn’t mess up at all and was able to show that Brawlers can tank stuff, not lose aggro and stay up, just like Honsou proved the previous week also. Cool beans. Anyhow, another fun raid from those who work tirelessly to organise these things for our raid force, thanks Irja.

In addition last night I was grouped with my guild in Erudin Research Halls, when for the first time Arbor (who was healing for us in there) and I got a contested call from our Raid Leader to go kill the Chimera in Stonebrunt Mountains, Oxdaxius. I was surprised and pleased to see how many of our raid force we managed to gather in such short notice. We had three full groups and as it is quite an easy fight in easy mode he went down without any issues. A nice wrist piece dropped, but I didn’t win it.One of our main tanks/off tanks won it, so it’s all good. Anyhow afterwards we toddled off back off to our group to finish ERH. So thanks to our group members for being so understanding and patient!

Not sure what I am going to be doing tonight. I have some correspondence to catch up on and some old friends to thank them for taking me out when they visited Spain a couple of weeks ago. I guess then I will probably catch up on what’s happening in Moto GP and see if I can’t get a few groups. Oh, yeah, almost forgot. I have decided to redecorate Voltaans house. Perhaps I’ll do that tonight and have a nice little clearout. I wanted to move to Halas, but only goodly kinds can rest their weary heads there. Perhaps a move to Maj Dul is in order. He only needs another 2000 faction or so to be able to buy a housing permit there. Only problem with the Maj Dul homes is that there are no windows, a little claustrophobic. Ohh, perhaps a swap to Gorowyn is in order. It’s a place I have never lived. Yes, I think I may give that a go. The rooms are quite nice there. I know I’ll change my mind a hundred times and then probably just go on some instance runs instead, but hey. I guess we’ll see.

Until next time,

Be well.

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