Saturday, September 25, 2010

Voltaans House

Well, I have nearly finished decorating Voltaans house in Gorowyn. Here's some piccies. Enjoy.

 Entrance Hall

I have teleportation pads! and a mystery..dum dum DUM!!

What's behind the screen?

Gasp!! A body!!

War Room & Study

 Study area

 Study area

 Study & War Room


 Bathing area & Toilets
 Wash area & Toilets

 Toilets (apologies, a lot of shots of the loos)

 Bathing area to Bedroom


 Garden Entry


 Druid Ring, Pools & Wildlife

 In memory..

 Mushy Guy!

The Stables

 The Pool


Pool towards Club Copa

 Sunbathing Area (OK, a bit weird in the Basement)
 Pina Colada anyone?
Bar Copa

Hope you liked them!
Be well.