Friday, September 24, 2010

Mem Wipe Misery

Raiding was not too bad last night, but yet again we seemed to struggle on some of the mobs we tried. Admittedly some of the key players in our raid force were not present for the start and even then we were short on normal attendees. Initially we tried Oxy the contested in Stonebrunt. Our first few tries only saw us with 2.5 groups and we couldn’t manage the encounter. It seems we just couldn’t get the adds down quick enough. That happened for a few reasons, but mainly because the adds mem wipe so often that the adds are running all over the place and melee dps’ers were struggling to stay in touch with the mob as it ran around. That lowered the raids dps quite considerably.

I tanked the adds and until I understood that the mem wipes come thick and fast I honestly thought I was failing at my job. I know I didn’t have a dirge in my group or indeed any hate transfer but those although nice, don’t usually bother me too much, but with the mem wipes and our casters high dps I just couldn’t control them. Yes, I kept grabbing them back but within about 10 seconds they were off doing the run around again. When our raid force was up to full strength we tried again and eventually got him down with a plate tank tanking the adds. The aggro issue was the same but we all made sure we were targeting through the main assist and therefore were perhaps a bit more focussed to get the adds down quicker. I’m aware that we should all have been using the MA before, but obviously some weren’t. I wasn’t particularly as I was running around trying to grab aggro on the adds when I was tanking it, but I would always return to the MA after I had grabbed them, only to have to switch again when mem wipes hit. Obviously when we had a plate tanky doing the business and aggro wasn’t my problem, MA was used at all times. It seems we all got on board with that eventually and the mob went down shortly after.

After that it was on to Palace to clear up a previously started instance. I was a bit peeved off when my head piece didn’t drop again. It’s my last piece of fabled armour I need, then it’s only topping up the tiers that will be required. Sages went well where the brawler mob was concerned and no issues tanking that again. We did have a few issues with the Heroic Opportunity required but that was sorted out eventually. That part doesn’t surprise me really. I know we have HOs available to us, but not everyone uses them (you should) so when out of nowhere a raid mob requires you to get down with the HO order for a full 6 part HO before the fight can continue, if you are not used to them it’s going to take a little time. Although I guess it would be fair to say that at this stage of raiding a HO requirement should not slow us down.

The rest of the raid went OK. We tried Theer on a two rune spec but couldn’t quite get it. A huge amount of that was down to running out of time and horrendous luck with the tiles. At one point it seemed like we went from having tiles all around us to being on a single tile with all but one around us dropped. It messed up pathing etc and at times because of this when we moved some unavoidably got behind Theer and that usually ends that. The tiles were VERY unkind to us, so eventually as the raid time was running out we hit out the single rune Theer with no issues.

Weekend is on the way and I am hoping to get my decorating finished in my home in Gorowyn. Tonight I plan on working on the garden, stables and pool area. When I’m finished you’ll have to pop round and have a Pina Colada, poolside. In addition I think I said I would run a raid on Saturday night for Acolytes of Valor. Perhaps something to includes the lower levels as I am painfully aware a lot of our lower level guildies rarely get any love as most are at max hammering out instances. Not that peeps won’t help in AoV, I have never seen a more helpful bunch, but I guess at times it’s easy to get ensconced in ploughing through level relevant content. I know I get bogged down in that. Anyhow, this Saturday if we do raid it’ll be something for the lower tiers methinks. I’ll let you know how we get on. Oh, and pics will be incoming when my home decorating is finished.

Until next time,

Be well.

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