Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"This f**kin' idiot darling"

We hit Toxx hard mode again last night. We were certainly getting in to the swing of it by the time we decided to head out to Labs. Toxx didn’t go down, but I guess that’s always the way when you are learning a fight. During the hour and a half we were there I believe we have the strats down now and next time we go there I’m pretty sure Toxx will go down.

I tanked Vulaan whilst the other two tanks were playing ping pong with Toxx, as every so often she eats one of the tanks and a clicky crystal is needed to set them free. The other tank takes aggro when this happens. We switched pulling spot so we could have some of the utility from the raid on Vulaan assisting the main raid group on Toxx. Was an OK place but the tree stump we were fighting against was not great at holding me against the knockbacks, so apologies to the melee dps’ers who needed their back attacks. Sadly nothing could be done about that , aside from moving pull spot again. Even so Vulaan went down without any issues and aside from the first pull the wipes came from the Toxx part of the raid, simply because it takes a bit of getting used to I think.

Oh, I would be remiss in not mentioning a couple of wipes took place because of me *cough*. Yes, I had a little FD issue whilst I was scouting a possible new pull spot. I pulled Toxx by accident, FD'd, watched the raid force die *cough*, then promptly got up from FD...only to pull again, so I ran, FD'd, watched the raid force die *cough...sorry!*. I didn't risk it again. I left the raid before getting up that time to avoid it happening again but I was well enough out of range. Funniest part of that was my wife who growled in exasperation "WHICH F**KIN' IDIOT KEEPS PULLING TOXX!?!". I tried not to smile as I quietly told her "This f**kin' idiot darling".

When we headed to Labs one of our raid members brought their Bruiser along. Now, I’m not normally that avidly watching the parse nowadays. I know where I come mostly on the list. But I did notice, that I appeared to be better geared than him and he was hitting higher numbers. Now in a raid it could have been for any number of reasons. It could have been the other classes in his group, it may have been that I was doing some pulling too so was in Def stance and Def armour. I think those obviously contributed. But I’m definitely going to speak to him to double check that is the case. In my eyes when I see something like that I’m not shy about it, I’ll go ask him what he was doing and how. In fact I already have mailed him with those very questions.

In my opinion, if you are a solo player and maybe group only occasionally, then sure, play your toon how you wish. But, I’m part of a raid force who rely on me and each other for us all to bring our very best performance if we can. And that means doing some research, asking for help or advice. When you see something like another person who plays the same class doing something better, ask them about it! I owe it to the 23 other people I raid with to be the best I can be. Wow, I sound like a military advertisement! “Be all you can be. Join the Navy Raid Force”.

On that very subject of self improvement, it’s about time I worked on my AAs again on Voltaan. It’s not acceptable turning up for a raid with less than 200. I’m nearly there, but nearly isn’t there. So I guess I need to get off my ass and sort some mentored down questing/mass pulling/named mashing sessions. I’ve never used one before but my wife tells me the AA potions are awesome and I should invest for my AA fest sessions. Think I may do that. If anyone has any ideas on great AA spots or tips’n tricks, please leave a comment and let me know.

Be well.


  1. LMAO, you're a GENIUS Dude!!!

  2. Hehehe! I fall short of that title a little mate ;) Thanks anyhow Bro!!