Monday, September 13, 2010

New Blog arrival

Whilst I remember, I’d like to do some shameless promotion for a new blog that’s out there in the Blogosphere. Far Beyond My Capacity is a new blog brought to you by Merecraft, my real life brother. He’s only on his second post but it’s looking good so far. Head over there and have a read.

Ok, back to some more EQ2 stuff. None raiding this time. I had the opportunity to do something that I really enjoy. I know it’s a bit sad, but I like to create gardens and parks in EQ2 using house items. I recently asked our guild leaders if I could complete some construction work in the basement cavern of our guild hall. We are short on space (the huge GHs do not have anywhere near enough items allowance) so I only had a bit to work with, but I think I managed to create an OKish garden area.

 Garden from the underground docks

Garden from the stone walkway


Watcher in the water



Back towards underground Docks

Rohan Theer on his wacky but wonderful game board

Commenting on a post on my Bro’s blogs latest post here, I see that the question of why play female toons in Gaming is about again. I know my personal reasons why I don’t, but am willing to concede there are reasons to. I haven’t played the female lead role in Mass Effect yet. After reading my Bro’s post I think I may have to give it a go. I need to get back in to that anyhow, so why not as a laydee?

As for MMOs, I am done with playing female toons forever. I’m a bloke and do not wish to be placed in the weird EQ2 sex predator category. I don’t know if this is a common thing, but playing a female in EQ2 seems to attract weirdo’s who want to cyber with you, and they seem to care little that you are really a guy. It’s just another MMO hassle I can do without. As for the Mass Effect thing, as so much of it are cut scenes it may well be worth playing the female toon for the reportedly better acting.

Oh, one last point. In my last post I mentioned duelling and the fact I won. I will be honest and state that the main reason I posted that is to get Jahf all wound up. Hey, don’t blame me, look it’s in the Art of War! Psychologically dominate your opponent *grin* (lol, sorry Bro). I reckon that, he is as we speak plotting my duelling demise. Rubbing his hands together, cackling with tormented glee at the monitor. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the ring matey! Come challenge the dreaded Button Masher again! RAWR!

Be well.


  1. Cheers for the plug mate!
    Want to see some screenshots of the guildhouse garden once it's done. I remember that housing in EQ2 remains the one thing it did that has still to be bettered by any other MMO.

  2. No worries Brother mine. Popped some screenies up of my tranquilo garden..oh and one of the Godkiller Rohan Theer just for SnG ;)

  3. The garden looks great! Housing seems to have come on a lot since I last played :)

  4. Thanks mate! Yeah the guild houses in EQ2 are awesome nowadays. The new houses in Halas are very cool too.