Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raid Tank gets creative

Well, that’s the visiting family off back to the UK now. Always great seeing them of course, but always nice to get back in to a routine. Had a great weekend. We headed out for some train journey fun taking the local train through the mountains to an historic local town, where we checked out some amazing scenery and a nice slice of Spanish/Moorish history. It was nice to get out and do something other than going for a beer to be honest! A bit more sightseeing yesterday and that was all the cultural stuff I could handle. It was back to PCdom and normal service resumed.

I may as well get the raiding bit out of the way. Had a couple of raids since my last post. Last week we hit Toxx and good ole Volt got to tank the whole thing! I know it’s not hard mode, but it was nice to be asked to do it and then carry the job out without any problems. Then it was on to Palace and lo and behold, yes, Volt got to tank the Brawler Sage out of the Three Sages, again without any issue at all. It was nice to see that I didn’t lose Medorius (think that’s the dudes name) once to the other to Sage spots and held him in place for the whole fight. In fact a one of the other sages decided to visit our group for a short while, although it didn’t cause any problem. Of course Volt lost aggro on the mem wipes but I managed to grab it back almost straight away. Don’t think there were any deaths.

It’s very satisfying to be able to do your job properly in a raid. I mean the raid force have helped you slog along and get all the fabled kit you need, so once you have it, it’s only right that they should be able to rely upon you if they ask you to do a specific job during a raid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect by any means, for example on Monday nights raid I had terrible issues controlling my aggro. It wasn’t a dps thing, I had my parse up and although I was doing ok on the parse, I certainly wasn’t high enough for it to cause a problem. I do have a couple of items that proc threat increase, but I don’t think they would effect it too much when I was so far off our mega dpsers (I was on about 14k they were in the 30’s and 40’s). The only thing I can think of is that it kept happening during the large groups that come in waves on the second named and that my large burst AoE dps was a little too much too soon.

It was nice also to be able to just tank. So many players put Bruisers in the ‘Do not touch unless you can’t get your hands on a real tank’ pile, when, like Jahf mentioned to me recently, in reality some of them are out there tanking raid mobs, let alone group content. Even though I achieved those things last week it didn’t stop me answering to the shout of ‘Cella just needs Tank’ last night, only to get the reply, ‘We need a plate tank, sorry’. Ahh well, I guess you can’t change people perceptions all the time.

So my little bit of decorating in the Guild Hall recently has seen me grab the bug again for a bit of home improvement. I finally moved Voltaan to Gorowyn and bought one of the big six bedroom places. I spent a bit of time at the Stonebrunt Druid Rings doing some of the quests there until I got enough tokens to grab some teleportation pads from the token merchant and at the same time picked up one of those imperceptible armour items. I went for the chest as Volt has the other ones he needs. Yes, now Volt can run round bare-chested. Marvellous.

I have finished my office/war room, partially completed the bedroom area and am currently working on getting the garden and pool area finished. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and last night I also downloaded the layout editor tool. I have absolutely no idea how to use it but am looking forward to being able to move horizontal items vertical and so on. I guess I’ll be looking at that particular program in a bit more detail tonight. I hope it’s not too complicated. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Be well.


  1. It's always a great feeling when you can prove you can play your class well. Wardens in lotro had a similar problem - pickup groups often wouldn't let me tank and insisted on finding a guardian. It's always good to prove them wrong :)

    I remember my bruiser on Venekor *sighs nostalgically*, really fun class to play.

  2. Yeah, I remember you telling me about that Warden issue when we were playing LOTRO togtether once. It's a real shame some people are a bit closed minded about it.

    Wow, forgot you had your Bruiser on Venekor. He was capped at 70 from what I recall. That would have made Kingdom Of Sky the last expansion you experienced? Forgot it has been so long since you quit EQ2! How time flies.

  3. Actually, I think EoF had been released before I quit. Still a few years ago now!

  4. Of course, I forgot EoF was a lev 70 expansion too..
    And Velious is coming out next! That's the expansion in EQ that I quit on..Will it hold the same doom stick for me for EQ2? Guess I'll see.

  5. Glad you had a great time with the Family my man! You know Jahf is there If you ever want to start a Cella group.

    I read about the Warden & tanking in LOTRO Mere, how did that play out overall?

    I'm pondering the samething on Velious Volt..