Friday, August 27, 2010

Raiding: Bruiser Love

Fun fun fun. And a nice bit of loots too. That’s the short summary for raiding last night. I was allowed to take Voltaan along which really made my night. Bruisers are so underrated in EQ2 that I didn’t think I would be allowed to go, but luckily we have a raid leader who sees their value.

The plan was to head to Toxx and then back to Palace to finish from where we left off last Thursday. Toxx was a lot of fun. I got to join in as normal for the first two waves of mobs/nameds, then for the last part of the fight with Vuulan I hooked up with my buddy Jahf to run round and round the instance (if you have never been there, it’s very small) killing the wobbly eggs. If we don’t kill them in time, well I’m sure you can guess what happens. It seems a bit silly but it was great. I felt like I was knocking out laps on a nice Sunday afternoon jog with the occasional stop to beat up some wildlife thrown in. Jahf and I had absolutely no problem dispatching the eggs and we arrived at the next set early each time before they began to wobble. In no time the instance was finished.

Then it was on to The Palace. This is where we struck a problem. Apparently the zone is bugged and if you don’t have an instance open already, you cannot start a new one currently. The problem we had was that there were a few on the raid who weren’t here last Thursday and so the instance even though some were already locked in to it, wouldn’t allow any new people in. It was a shame because we were going to have a go at bashing the Three Sages and Volt was more than likely going to be tanking one. It would have been fun for sure.

As it was though, we headed to Labs instead to give the ones who couldn’t get into Palace a chance at continuing the fun. Labs although a bit easy up until PC, the last mob where it gets a bit more technical, was a huge amount of fun. Not sure how much fun everyone else had because I know quite a few have run this many times before, but for me I had a blast. I’ve done Labs before but only once and it was not from the beginning and I joined in later. So doing it all the way through this time was great fun.

We didn’t get PC down, but I think that was for a variety of reasons. We had some rather nastily timed LDs and it was quite late and peeps were tired. In a fight where you have to be busy busy busy all the time and even though quite easy when all falls into place, getting everything to fall in to place is a different matter, especially when you add the issues we had. It’s no worries. We will return I am sure on Thursday all refreshed and ready to give that nasty Lich some severe mega-wedgies.

I got some nice loot too. Voltaan got his fabled feets and chest piece and a nice ring and a secondary /ranged slot item to boot. Not looking too long until he will be fully kitted and hopefully I can better support the raid force then. Although I didn’t do too bad a job. My parse was not too bad and beat the fully fabled monk on our raid around 50% of the time. And a couple of times when mobs went a wandering I managed to grab them back from the squishies before main tanky grabbed them again. I should rephrase that. I guess I was one of the squishies as I was one who seemed to die the most as we did the PC fight. I know the problem with that. Too low crit mit and too low resists. It’s a work in progress and already I’m making good headway there. Hopefully soon I won’t be such a drain on the dirges and healers for resses.

Ema got some nice loots too for her alt Coercer, Floh. She commented that soon Floh will be better kitted than Emarald, although I’m not so sure about that. Ema is pretty sweetly attired. Nice to see Jahf getting some loot love too. In fact it’s always nice when anyone on your raid gets anything. Let’s face it, it’s a team effort and the stronger individuals get in the team, eventually, the stronger the whole raid gets. So grats to all winners!

Looking forward to some normal instance smashing tonight on Volt. Try out my new armour to see how it complements The Freeport Hammer.

It’s a long weekend this weekend with a national holiday on Monday, so I will try to head back to keep you updated, but you know what I’m like at the weekends. More play, less say ;)

Be well.

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