Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back in the saddle again..

Well, it’s official. I have been invited back to join my old raiding bunch on Antonia Bayle which is great news. I won't be leaving AoV and still get to raid with me old mates. As Hannah Montana says, "I have the best of both worlds"...or something like that. More than anything it’s great that I will be able to hang out with some great folks again who I have missed playing with. I still need to get my resists up, but plan on getting sets of Brellium jewellery for each resist bank to sort that out. Just need to get Voltaan harvesting this week so I can get those made. Will probably need 9 Brellium in total (that’s 3 per resist set) and hopefully it won’t take me too long to get my hands on those.

I have nominated Voltaan as my raid alt as Emarald keeps telling me that they just can’t stop brawler gear from dropping in the T9 raid zones. Apparently it drops pieces every raid night. He will probably be fully T9 fabled before Adurj! Not that I mind that of course. I love playing Voltaan. In fact he’s probably my favourite toon to play overall. It’s just that he is not that ‘wanted’ in raid or group setups. A shame really because many a time I have seen a plate tank struggle and wipe after wipe we have carried on. Until Volt tanks it that is. I think Brawlers are still generally underrated. They are a pretty good class, but you have to be prepared to work really hard if you want to play one well. There is the different AA setup, depending on Tank or DPS, then there is the kit, defence or dps, then there are the buffs, which I have found work well if you are prepared to be flexible with them, and by that I mean working hard and switching buffs in and out depending on which part of a fight you are at or the current aggro situation or...well so so many variables. But that’s the thing with a Brawler. Generally people think they are of little use, when in reality they are of massive use and have amazing capabilities as a tank...if played correctly, and because they are difficult to play very well, not many Brawlers seem to be that versatile or in fact good. Perhaps this is what helped spawn their not sterling reputation. It’s worth noting that a top five game wide raid force uses a Monk to tank all their raids...I still prefer Bruisers to Monks, but you get the idea.

I mean look at what tools they have at their disposal. They have a 30 second immunity to stun,stifle, knockback etc etc with a fairly quick reuse. I usually get to use this twice a fight. Then there is the self heal and the myth invulnerability. Of course there is Chi, then there is the three/four (if specced right) snap taunts that are so so useful, and two normal taunts and dps attacks that taunt. You get your raid wide buffs. Then on top of this there is their ability to solo and run dungeons using Feign Death. A better shiny harvester you will not find. Then they get three stance buffs, not two..the list carries on. The thing with a Brawler is that to be effective you have to be busy, all of the time when playing. There is no respite, no slacking off (which is easier on Adurj if I am feeling lazy, let’s face it he can just stand there looking pretty and the group benefits massively from his buffs). But Brawlers, nope. You have to be prepared to work hard at it to play them correctly.

Anyhow, I must say I’m really looking forward to getting in to raiding with me old chums again, no matter what drops I get for what toons, if any at all. I used to have a real good laugh with that gang and I’m hoping the same will be true now I am rejoining them. I am sure it will.

Tonight? Well, looks like I am harvesting Brellium..

Be well.


  1. I agree on The Brawler analysis and points "Mr. Freeport Hammer". Of all the instances I've run over the years, the tank archetype that impressed me more than any other when well played & kitted was a Brawler.

    In my personal experience it seems that most are regarded in a negative light due to the type of player that seems drawn to play them as their main. Most times it's someone that doesn't want to tank and/or is VERY inefficient at it as well. It's not the class that is lacking it's the person playing the toon.

    If you really step back & candidly evaluate why you think they're a poor tank you'll usually realize that actually they're a poor "player" & it would be the same regardless of the class they're playing.

    Welcome back to the raidcore & GL on the Brellium mining! :)


  2. Thanks for the comment mate. Yeah, in my whole EQ2 history since launch I have grouped with only two Brawlers who I have considered as competant (I'm not including myself in this as it is for others to comment on how I play my bruiser, not I. One was a Monk and most recently it was a Bruiser. Not a great record for brawler players..only coming across two in that lengthy time period who are competant enough or indeed understand the class enough to play them effectively (imo).