Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Destiny awaits..

I was reading today over at EQ2 Wire an article concerning the introduction of the EQ2 Extended. Go have a read yourself, it makes for interesting reading. The post got me thinking about a couple of things. Firstly it made me a little nostalgic as part of the report and indeed the comments on the report discuss happy nostalgic memories of the game. It doesn’t take much for me to start waxing lyrical about the many many amazing adventures I have had in Norrath, both in EQ and EQ2. Involving content, friends, first discoveries, funny encounters, raiding, new friendships, lasting friendships, crazy players, GMs, Guides, pretty much every avenue of the game. What a history EQ and I have had.

Secondly, it got me to thinking about the longevity of EQ2 and more importantly my longevity with EQ2. I have played since launch and played EQ prior to that. That’s a lot of years to dedicate my gaming life to. A lot of investing my personal time. It made me think, how much more time am I going to spend on an MMO that is 6 years old? Well, I’m not sure of the answer, but I have decided to keep this issue in the forefront of my mind. For example, if my EQ2 days are nearly over due to many things (one of them being dropping population due to no new people signing up for EQ2Live), then I need to monitor how I play and how much commitment I give to the game. I will not for example be resuming the raiding for my guild AoV. If I did then quit in 3 months time that is more people I am letting down. I will not be purchasing anymore Station Cash. Why spend more money than I have to if I am not going to get full use out of what I buy?

Then I come to the next conclusion. If my tenure with EQ2 is nearly over, should I really bother trying to find a decent euro time raid force to be a part of? Probably not worth it. I’d get all my kit then leave? So does that mean I should just kill time until I find a replacement for my time? Will it be another MMO? I know I am eagerly awaiting Rift and Copernicus. Maybe those are the trigger that will lead me to leave EQ2 for good. I really don’t know. What I do know is that I probably will focus more on the fun aspect than the hardcore progression aspect of the game. It’s time for my EQ2 toons to consider their retirement. Time to put up their swords from frenzied action and perhaps just enjoy the companionship for the last time I have with the game with a bit of casual playing and instances. With new adventures on the horizon in different worlds I really do think it would make sense to just chill now in EQ2. No point running to stand still eh?

Be well.

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