Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend that was...

I had a great weekend both in and out of game. The weather here in Spain is crazy hot at the moment and so what did I think I should do with my time in this oppressive heat? Yup, that’s right. Yard work [Hahaha, your wife think you should do, you mean – Ed]. So I spent the devils share of Saturday putting up bamboo cane to keep out the neighbours and their prying eyes and placing some brushwood sheeting across the overhead trellis to give us a bit more shade. Was it an easy job? Yup. Did I manage to make it a hard job? Of course. Well, to be fair the sun beating down added to the ‘fun’ of the task.

Weekend EQ2 play was pretty standard, albeit a load of fun. Of course there were the usual instance runs and assisting guildies with quests, epics etc. Saturday night saw us head to WoE for a quick run through there. Sadly though, things took a little longer than expected, mainly due to real life interference which of course cannot be helped. We only have Aiden left however and I may get the gang together to get that done tonight after my T9 raid. If not we can finish him tomorrow.

Some of the more fun parts of the weekend were split pretty much 50/50 between guild fun and non guilded friend fun. Guild wise, we had a great run through Library with Voltaan tanking which I really enjoyed because to be honest Volt doesn’t really get to tank that much due to the preconception that all tanks must be Plate wearers. Of course Library is an easy instance, so we had no problems there at all (I’m confident Volt could tank most but the hardest of instances in SF) Actually, that’s not true, there were some problems, but on my second visit there. I headed back last night with Adurj to help a guildy out who needed some updates there. Whilst we were there we decided to make a concerted effort to get the ‘Mystery of the Slain scholar’ quest finally completed. For those who don’t know the quest it is like a game of Cluedo (or just Clue if you are from the States..I think). You have to tell the guy at the end where the murder took place, what weapon was used and who was the guilty party. If you get it all right one of the scholars comes down from his little hover board up in the roof and you kill to get the update. If you get it wrong, the person you accused comes down to beat you up anyhow, but no quest update.

I have run Library so many bloody times and never have completed this quest on any of my toons. It seems the groups I have been in there with have mostly done it, or cannot be bothered to gather all the clues. Well, last night, for once we all got on board about wanting to get that darn quest finished. Sods Law then that we couldn’t find the murder weapon at all. I knew who had done it, where it happened and all that was missing was the murder weapon. I guessed, but of course it was not right and we didn’t get the update. So even with the concerted effort of the whole group we couldn’t get the darn quest finished. We had a laugh though trying to find the update.

Tonight is raid night with my raiding syndicate folks. Looking forward to that. I hope someone else gets some loot this time so I don’t look like too much of a grabber. Whatever happens I am absolutely sure it will be a good laugh.

One last thought to leave you with. A disturbing thing happened for me last night during the last hour before I logged to go to sleep. Sounds ominous huh? Well, kinda I guess. The last hour I spent online last night was a veritable toon hop fest. I sat at my computer and systematically went through my accounts looking at toons to see if I would like to play any of them (apart from my two mains obviously). I logged in a few, and it was nice to see Killzum getting some reaction from a few. Was quite popular for a troll that big guy. Anyhow, it’s not the toons themselves that make for the perhaps worrying part of this. It’s the fact I was toon hopping. The last time I did that, trying to find a sliver of interest in any one of my toons to keep me in game, I did it for about three nights running way back at the end of 2009 and then I left the game for a 4-5 month break. I guess I must have been searching for the fun again, which was why I had been hopping toons.

This time however, I hope it’s a bit different. I don’t think I’m losing interest in EQ2, but by the same token, I am getting excited about RIFT quite a bit. I wonder if that is having some sort of psychological effect on me with my commitment to EQ2? {You mean psycho ? – Ed}. One things for sure, I’m still enjoying being in AoV with friends, I have some great friends who are not AoV and I’m raiding tonight. So, for the moment. Yup, Happy.

Be well

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