Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Warrior

So Adurj is now 89th level. Only one more to go before max and to be honest it’s been a very very slow journey for one reason or another, but generally I have enjoyed it. Not necessarily for the content of the latest expansion, as I have stated before the last expansion I really enjoyed was RoK. TSO was not fun at all for me and SF has been average. Not bad, but not great. No, I’ve enjoyed the trip levelling so far due to how I went about it in a relaxed manner. If you read this blog you will know I have ping pong’d from the need to zoom to 90 against the enjoyment of taking it slow. One week I have been saying “No rush, no rush”, the next “I must hurry and level!”. Somewhere in all that I hit a happy medium and the journey to max is nearly over. For Adurj anyhow. Voltaan who I have been two boxing Adurj with is nearly 88th now, but generally because people want a Dirge more than a Bruiser in group Adurj is higher in exp as he gets to group as well as quest. Volt pretty much just gets to quest.
Of course the journey really isn’t over at all. I have a huge amount of instanced content to get my teeth into still. For example, the closest I have got to a Vig zone is the launch pad in Paineel and I have never been all the way to the bottom of The Hole and have never even been in Cella. So, I guess once I hit 90 it’s hitting those zones with vigour to get some decent Legendary and Fabled gear. On top of that I will hopefully be experiencing some proper T9 raiding soon, so I can start to build Adurjs’ kit back up to standard. Ideally I’d like to raid on Voltaan too, but I’m more than aware spots for Bruisers on raids are not that common in the main. Yeah, there are some raids that ‘require’ them but they are certainly not as desirable as Bards or Enchanters.
Saturday night saw AoV head in to ToMC again for the first couple of nameds, but no one really wanted to try the Thet (apart from me and a couple more) so we headed off to SoH where we killed three of the nameds. Not an evening where boundaries were pushed, but a load fun with friends all the same. As for Thet, I really do believe the fight is easy. Not hard. Of course now it's old school.  It is simply the fact that like Venril Sathir of old, everyone in the raid must be at 100% on top of their game or the raid wipes. There’s a bit of luck in there too, I mean as an example a couple of weeks ago, twice during the same pull both healers from the main tank group got cursed and although the healers in groups two and three jumped in to help, things didn’t work out. It’s one of those fights that once everyone, and I mean every single one of the raid force understands it properly, it’s not so bad and once downed it drops time and time again.
I recall doing Thet for the first time. It was as part of a raid force that was a dedicated one and not casual. As every part of that fight matters our raid leader had us spending a couple of nights practicing killing orange con (the level cap was 80 then) single arrow up mobs to ensure even the lowliest skilled and squishy raid member had experience in soloing mobs of that difficulty. This was great as it meant no matter who got cursed, we knew they could take out one of the mobs on their own. We understood that most of the raid didn’t play tanks, so our raid leader had us lined up making pulls in Moors ensuring we all turned the mobs when fighting them. We did it until it became second nature. The next time we did Thet he went down first pull. That's part of the difference between a dedicated and casual raid force. the willingness to go above and beyond and it produces results. A casual raid force of course will get there, but because of time and the fact other parts of the game come first, the progression is naturally slower I guess.
Hopefully tonight I will make some decent in roads towards 90. Let's see how that goes.
Be well.

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