Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Greenmisty for me.

Last night whilst playing EQ2, something happened that I absolutely love. I found a questline I had no idea existed. I was aware of the final reward for the questline as an item, ‘Greenmist’ a very cool looking samurai sword that glows green but up until last night I had no idea where it came from. I found it quite by accident. I had logged in late because of work and as usual when that happens the rest of my guild are usually already committed to something. So I decided to carry on two boxing Adurj and Voltaan through the Stonebrunt timeline. Before I logged Voltaan in, I thought I’d do a quick check of my quest journal on Adurj as he was already logged in, just to see what steps were next. As I was scanning through my journal I noticed a couple of my Heritage quests were green. This made me pay a bit more attention as I couldn’t recall having anything but grey and orange HQs in there. One of them was called ‘The Name of Fear’ and I didn’t recognise it. So after a bit of research I found that the quest is the first in a set of five quests that together make up a HQ. The quest itself is picked up from an item in Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha, in Guard Captain Kelkrins room, a little statuette or idol of Fear. I couldn’t even recall picking it up! The last time I had run that zone was, well I can’t recall it was that long ago. I forgot to check in my journal when I had picked it up exactly, but I know it wasn’t recently.

Anyhow, after my research I checked out the name for the timeline and lo’ and behold, yes, it is called the Greenmist timeline. Suddenly everything clicked in to place. So that’s where it comes from! So far I am only on the third quest in the series ‘The Call of Fear’ and to be honest at level 88, it’s fairly easy so far. As part of the quest I’m on I will have to head into VoEs at some point to use a clikky there. Problem is it’s in the last room so I will have to find an empty instance or complete the zone to get the update. Not a problem, Voltaan and Adurj can two box there quite easily. The last quest in the series sounds like fun. Based in a special instance of Freeport, it looks like I have to help stop an invasion or something like that. There’s lots of moving of crates and barrels to block gates and general panicky running around. Hopefully I’ll get up to that point tonight.

I really do love it when I find content I had no idea about and then that particular content I have found turns out to be a lot of fun. It’s one of the things that reminds us of how absolutely huge EQ2 is as a game and the time and effort put into it by the devs. So, as it stands, it looks like more ‘Greenmist’ questline fun tonight and mebbe Adurj will have a nice new blade to play with (the stats aren’t very good but it looks very cool).

Apologies for the crappy screeny. It was the best I could find of the blade on the web in a short amount of time. When Adurj gets his, I’ll post a clearer pic.

Greenmist stats

Greenmist Sword (poor quality pic)

Be well.

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  1. thanks for sharing. this is an awesome Heritage Quest. Green Mist. i'm currently working on it myself, and loving the attention i'm getting from guildies becuase with each completed quest within the questline it's credited in the guild chat as a completed event. this is due to the other bonus, sp rewarded for each one of the those completed.

    looking forward to seeing your pic of your well deserved awarded greenmist sword.

    good hunting,
    Gavryel [oasis server]