Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enervations what you need..

Last couple of nights on EQ2 I have been trying to catch up by getting my enervated questline completed for my mythical. For non EQ2 players it’s a couple of quests to turn your Fabled or Mythical weapon procs and buffs into a spell, freeing you up to use a different main hand weapon since the SF expansion has come out and there are a lot better weapons out there. In addition, if you have only the fabled version it improves the weapon stats to that of the mythical version.

The reason behind me completing the quest is because I happened to have an open and empty Demitriks Bastion (“DB”) instance and because I’m not a big fan of that zone I thought if I could get my questline up to the point where I need the DB update, I can go collect it and never have to visit again. Not knowing anything about the specifics of the quests, of course I researched them and didn’t realise there is a bit of an introductory quest before you actually start the enervated quest to collect a gem and do some running around the Vermin caves and obtaining some kills near The Eye of Dartain in the Sundered Frontier. Only when you have completed this quest can you head to Quel’ule to start the “Epic Repercussions” quest to enervate your myth. There is a little bit of running round getting some updates in Stonebrunt, one of which is a rare drop. Man that rare drop was a pain. Lost count of how many silly mamba snakes I killed before I got the update. It’s one of those mobs too where the spawn spots are all over the place and there really doesn’t seem to be too many of them. Anyhow, I managed to get that update eventually then realised that I had to get an instance of Erudin Library cleared before I could progress to the part where I can get my update from DB. Luckily Emarald had an open instance of the Library so I zoned Adurj and Voltaan in and got the update in short order for both. A quick trip to DB to get my update and that was it for me for the evening. I had achieved what I had set out to do, so logged to go race in NFS:Undercover.

There’s one thing about the whole turning your Myth into an enervated version that I really don’t like is the fact that once you have your weapon changed over, I think it changes from being a mythical to a fabled version. I’m not 100% sure on that but I have made an effort to inspect a fair few people who have theirs and I haven’t seen a myth version yet. If this is the case, I don’t like it. Mythical items I know were supposed to be items where only one or two of them ever appeared in the world like the old scrying pool house item from some froglokky quest an age ago. But when they brought out the mythical weapons it was finally possible to get your hands on a Mythical item. Now I know it lost a fair bit of its exclusivity as before too long everyman and their warg had one. But the thing is, I worked hard for mine at a time when they were very hard to get, before the raid mobs you had to kill to get the updates had not been nerfed to pussycat status. The raid zones were a real challenge in RoK because bear in mind TSO had not come out, there was no shard armour only RoK gear. As such, those who got their myths in that stage of the game, really do deserve to keep the status of a mythical weapon as we completed real real tough content with crappy gear from the RoK expansion. Yup, getting myth updates back then in the early days of RoK was indeed a challenge. /rantoff.

What other big news? Oh yeah, EQ2 is going free to play (“FTP”). They are pretty much going to make the game pre level 80 free and then if you want the Sentinels Fate expansion and the ability to get to 90th level, you pay monthly. I reckon SoE have been pretty clever about this and I was discussing this very matter with Jahf last night. This way they will probably get a lot of returning players who have been out of the game for an age and do not see the benefit of forking out loadsamoney to see if they still like it. But in all reality, how many people are going to get to 80 and hanging round their guildhall, think “Ok, right. That’s it, reached the top level. 80th... Ooh, what’s that nice armour that 90th level guildy is wearing? Ooh, that’s a nice weapon”. And I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to work out that eventually a fair amount of those people who initially intended not to progress, buy the expansion and start playing monthly [Hang on a sec. Do rocket scientists play EQ2? – Ed]. For players like me it won’t make any difference really. I need the SF content and as such I will continue to pay for it. FTP EQ2. Personally I think it’s a good idea. Like I said it won’t affect me too much, but it may swell the population of the game again.

Right-o. Until next time.

Be well.

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