Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun distractions

A cool night in game last night. I initially logged in and my wife wanted to get a group together to take advantage of us both having our babies at a similar level and to make sure we cleared the Sinking Sands of all the AA we could whilst we are at the right level. So we toddled off to The Hidden Cache first after we had gotten a group together and with our mentored down 90 Zerker tanking things went pretty quickly. Luckily. We finished there and pretty much as we finished I got a tell from a guildy reminding me I was supposed to be helping one group WoE on Adurj. With apologies I logged to Adurj ready for some raid fun.

Not a bad run through WoE at all. Everyone brought their ‘A’ game and we had a load of fun. It was a quick run, but even so we still didn’t finish as our Tank had to rush of to do some RL stuff after the Fire Guy so we are finishing tonight. I was really chuffed with the session. I rolled for patterns for my baby SK who I fully plan to be of the right level to use gear from there soon, and he won four of them! In fact everyone that dropped and no one else was rolling for the other classes listed on the pattern. So I got them all. Not bad from one run. I wonder what will happen tonight when we go in to finish it. Would be nice to get boots, shoulders and forearms too ;) Obviously, if someone from last night decides to roll on a challenging class to SK on the patterns I will step aside as I have already won the four pieces. But if there is no competition, it would be great to have full tier 3 armour waiting for Angur. Even if I have some missing pieces, it’s no biggy. I’m sure I’ll be running WoE a few times more before Angur is 80.

Following WoE I switched to Angur and Voltaan to run through some more Sinking Sands stuff as a duo. I headed through the Clefts of Rujark and to The Scornfeather Roost. However, when I got to the first named I thought that I may struggle. Luckily though as I was contemplating the impending death of my toons my buddy Jahf popped me a /tell and he came to join me on his Warden. Things went pretty smooth after that. Albeit very slowly. Not because we were struggling, not at all. But because when Jahf and I get together we seem to spend a huge amount of time chatting and as I was tanking and am easily (and in this case happily) distracted we spent quite a bit of time just standing around talking. Despite my lucky run through WoE this was the best part of the night for me. As ever, I had a blast catching up with me mate from across the pond.

Tonight? Well it’s my last day at work for two weeks, so I intend to have a real late one, pushing baby SK and my sleep pattern to the limits and hopefully grabbing him a few more tier 3 armour patterns from WoE and more AA and levels. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next time,

Be well.

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