Thursday, July 8, 2010


Completed four heritage quests on my baby Shadowknight last night. Along with my wife on her mini-Coercer ‘Floh Ryder’ and me two boxing Voltaan and Angur we pretty much spent only three hours on getting them all completed. First off was a trip to The Tower of Drafling (Sp?) to finish of the ‘By Hook or by Crook’ HQ after we had started it the previous day. Yet again (I always do this) I had forgotten that there was a lock out from the Tower the first time you visit it on the quest.

We then headed out in to Enchanted Lands to do the ‘Foombys Stolen Goods’ HQ. Such a great and quick HQ this. Or so I thought. I really had forgotten the PITA that is waiting for Chomper to spawn in his lake near the start of the quest. There was another group waiting for him to spawn, so we pretty much had to wait two spawn patterns before we got our chance at him. The quest overall because of this took a little longer than normal, but it still left plenty of time to do some more HQs.

Then it was off to Zek. I had already started the ‘Operation Greenhood’ quest that is a pre-requisite to the ‘Rescue of the Greenhoods’ HQ on Angur, but wifey hadn’t done any of them so we completed the quests from start to finish. Of course whilst running around for the Glademaster we also picked up the ‘Training is a Shield’ HQ at the Zek quarry. We were pretty lucky in that nearing the end of the pre-requisite stages before you head in to Death Fyst Citadel, Sentry Goorlux was already up, so we didn’t have to wait the 30 mins to an hour that it takes for him to spawn.

DFC went pretty smoothly and quickly apart from the end when I forgot that if you don’t kill the Bloodguards they all come when you pull Fyst. Obviously the ensuing panic when I saw twenty mobs, not one running towards me meant the first death of the evening..Sorry Floh! We both picked up some nice AA from the nameds and locationals in there and of course from the whole evenings HQ sessions. In addition to this Angur is the perfect level to use the Short sword of Ykesha and the Shiny Brass Shield was also a good upgrade. It’s actually the first time I have ever completed those quests and used the items given to me. I was pretty chuffed about that.

It seems a bit silly sometimes to me that I am spending so much of my time on an alt when my Dirgey main is still only at 86th level, but I’m trying to stop worrying about progression and concentrating on completing content that I truly enjoy. Admittedly I only get about 5 to 6 hours play time a week on EQ2 nowadays but that’s still 5 or 6 lost hours of my life if I am doing stuff I don’t particularly enjoy.

Mass Effect is progressing nicely too. I have pretty much finished the three initial ‘off base’ missions in my hunt for Seren on my main account. I have though, in a bid to experiment a bit with the game, started a new career with a different toon type. This time instead of the Vanguard I tried a basic soldier, and loved it. I am debating currently whether to catch that toon up to the stage I am at with my Vanguard and make it my main career. Not decided yet though.

Until next time,

Be well.


  1. Ahh, that means you'll be on the Virmire mission next in ME then :)
    Possibly my favourite part of the game. The story really starts to focus and accelerate, you make life and death decisions about your crew, and you find out what's really going on. All that and Kirrahe's "Hold the Line" speech too.

  2. I've loaded the game and it looks like my progression was not autosaved :( When I created my other account I don't know if it recorded over the quick save...but looks like i am back to the start of the second mission I did....