Monday, July 5, 2010


I’m getting bored of EQ2 again. This expansion really has failed to grab me to the same extent of RoK and those prior. I stuck through TSO, which was another expansion I didn’t particularly enjoy and now with another expansion I think is ‘OK’ but certainly not fantastic and throw in my busy real life and I’m struggling to gain the enthusiasm to keep going. It’s probably one of the main reasons I am struggling to level. I guess the content’s there plenty enough, it’s just that I am not over enthused about diving in to it. It may be that it is because I’ve done it all before. Not the exact content of course and there are a few spiffy changes been made recently, but I mean I have done the levelling thing, then the clamour for better equipment, then the raiding and so on. I’ve been through those patterns before, many many times. I guess I am just getting a bit jaded. Of the new expansion that is.

Last night saw me, Ema, Jahf and a couple of others, Seareal (a new acquaintance of my wife) and Lucyndra (an alt of a guildy of mine) rampage through firstly Cazic Thule, then Rivervale to take maximum benefit from the double exp weekend [Why oh why didn’t you use Adurj?!? He needs the XP – Ed]. I must admit, it was a bit of a pull and ‘aoe’ fest as my SK, ‘Angur Managmunt’ went from level 35 to 48 in one day with Voltaan leading the way, mentored. Yeah my AAs suffered a fair amount, but I will gain those back questing at a later stage and I plan on running through at least 4 HQs tonight so that should help too. I’m really enjoying my SK. I have a level 80 tank, Killzum my Guardian but he got shelved shortly after release of RoK. I’ve noticed in guild even though we have a fair few tanks, quite a few of them now spend a lot of time on their alts. Last couple of guild groups I have had we have had to wait some time for a tanky. So I thought I would try to level a tank I enjoy playing. I know I have Voltaan my bruiser who is now nearly 85th level and I actually still love playing him, but let’s face it unless he has the right equipment it’s tough for healers to keep him up in top tier zones.

Anyhow, back on to the main subject. So last night I had a great blast. It was lower level content of course and I really enjoyed it, as I always do. I’m starting to think that I just ‘clicked’ with the expansions up to RoK as I have no boredom issue when doing old content. It’s the new stuff. I guess I will find a new game, or just continually create new toons to stay in the content I truly enjoy.

There is of course always Lotro. I still love that game but it has been a while since I have logged in. Also I never really got to grips with the community there. The game and content are excellent and it’s now FTP so there is no reason why I shouldn’t head back and perhaps make more of an effort getting involved and trying to find some like minded players and a home there.

Until I make a decision, I have my SK to keep playing with, Adurj to try and level when I can be bothered and of course Mass Effect (which is going brilliantly btw!).

Be well.

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