Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bit of this and that

More Mass Effect for me last night, seasoned with a bit of EQ2 and a Library instance run. I’m starting to become addicted to ME. I love the fact you can explore pretty much freely and do the quests/missions as you go along. Last night I did a bit of Galaxy hopping and explored some new regions gathering information on surveys for rare deposits and as quite a coincidence actually managed to further the main plot line.

Whilst I was doing my surveying I dropped off my little Mako (6 wheeled ATV) on a planet to do some exploring and it turned in to me rescuing an alien Asari lass who was caught off guard by raiding AI species the Gath whilst she was taking part in an archaeological dig. It seems she may be integral to the plot. It was a really fun mission with lots of nervous battles and some tough Gaths to destroy. The only problem is the little Asari seems to be a bit of a flirt. I’m a Spectre for goodness sake! Like I would have time to hook up with a lady Asari. I have important work to do!

EQ2 was fun. Had a run through the Library of Erudin with guildies from AoV. As always with guild groups I had a lot of fun. Although I was a bit cheesed off that I didn’t get the answer right to who I was accusing with murder in there..again! One day I’ll get that quest finished. The quest is actually really good fun. Basically it’s a game of Cluedo (or Clue if you are from the US) and you have to name at the end where the murder took place, with what weapon and who you were accusing. I got most of it right, but in the end it was down to two of the 7 or 8 Scholars who were responsible for the murder and I opted for the wrong one. Oh well, mebbe next time.

Be well.


  1. Just a word on the library quest, the Clue like one.... there are janitors near the end of the zone, and if you talk to them they give you clues about who the murderer was. They each will tell you 3-4 possibilities of who did the crime, and the one who is in all 3 of their clues is the murderer... Wasn't sure if you knew that. If you did, I apologize for being redundant :)

    ~ Mai

  2. Thanks Mai. that's actually really helpful. I only talked to two of the janitors...that's where iwent wrong. Cheers