Friday, June 25, 2010

To sign, or not to sign...

Well Adurj made level 86 last night. I hooked up with a PuG and hammered round several TSO instances graded up to 90. I didn’t even realise I hadn’t done Evernight Abbey yet on Adurj, so I got a nice bit of AA too. I was a bit peeved off at our ISP though. We seem to have been having some really bad spike problems with our service with our connection making like a yo-yo. The reason it peeved me off is that I couldn’t download Mass Effect whilst I was playing, the pressure on our connection must have been too much. I started it downloading again after I had logged, but by then it was too late to play the game with having work the next day. I guess I will get my first taste of it tonight and I’m quite looking forward to it.

I’ve just checked our guild website and yet again, whilst not surprised I am a little disappointed that only two other people than me have bothered to sign up for the raid. It’s not as if folks don’t turn up on raid night though. Last week in ToMC we had three full groups, all AoV members. The thing is I need to plan. And to plan I need to know who is going to attend the raid. The amount of times I have had to do an adjustment of location for the raid depending on who turns up seems to becoming more frequent.

The reason I run the raids is to help get my fellow guildies a chance at some higher end gear than they will see from instance running. As any raid leader knows, it takes time and effort to run and keep these raids going and whilst they are running it is not a relaxing time at all either. Fun, but by no means a relaxing nights gaming. I do it because I love my guild and the people in it also. But, it really does disappoint me when I put all of this effort in to help others and only a couple can be bothered to check the website and sign up for the raid which would make the planning stage a whole lot easier. Don’t get me wrong, the raid force is always polite and never forgets to thanks me for the effort I put in. But it’s not the thanks I do it for, it’s to help. But it is really tough to help properly when I don’t know what I am supposed to be helping with, who needs what content, or who will be turning up. I just tried creating a new guildportal account for my own (old) guilds webby that is no longer used. It took me literally 3 minutes and 47 seconds to register, check the forums and sign up for an imaginary raid. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.

A HUGE thank you to those who I know do check the webby, you know who you are ;).  And a big shout out to the two main users where my raids are concerned, Trubow & Baresark you always sign up and use the calendar without fail. Thank you very much for using the service as it was intended. Jahf, my mate who is not even in our guild checks out the forums regularly for any helpful or interesting titbits.

Come on folks, a little more give and a little less take. It’s the part of the ethos AoV is built on.

Be well.

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