Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Law of Sod

Well. I call it ‘sods law’ and many others use a different phrase but it all amounts to the same thing. If there is something that can be a PITA to you, invariably it will be. What on earth am I talking about? The quest, To Speak as a Dragon. You know the one. The travel all round the globe and time after time back down in to the very bottom of Soluseks Eye, not to mention the complete navigational nightmare of Obelisk of Lost Souls (level 2 and below). Yup, that quest.

Well, I completed it the other day in preparation to get my enervated Myth quest sorted out for Adurj as I knew it was a pre- requisite. So today I am killing 15 minutes during lunch hour and happened across this little gem from EQ2 Wire.

As of the launch of Game Update 56: Halas Reborn, any character that completes “To Speak As A Dragon” will receive an heirloom Tablet of Draconic Runes in addition to learning the dragon language.

While this is an important quest and was a very exciting and community-building event in its time, it is not longer necessary for every alt to do the quest individually. At least one character on your account does need to do the quest the “full” way, but all subsequent alts can simply acquire the quest in the normal manner, then study the tablet when they are on the step to learn the runes. In essence: your first character made excellent notes on the runes s/he studied, it allows him/her to teach your alts the runes directly.

Of course, if your alts prefer to finish the quest the long way by collecting all the runes, they can still do so.

Any character who had already completed “To Speak As A Dragon” before this change can obtain a copy of the Tablet of Draconic Runes from Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos Forest if they wish.

Apologies that this somehow didn’t get into the full update notes, but hopefully this calls it out so everyone will be aware of it now.

So there you go. If you have completed the quest just once on one of your toons on your account, then you can now use the useful little Tablet of Draconic Runes to save you having to run around old Norrath collecting the runes. I wasn’t particularly fed up with the situation as I always quite enjoy navigating Norrath (apart from OoLS) so I did enjoy my journey fest to get the runes. It’s definitely sods law though that I found this out just after I had completed the quest again from start to finish. No matter. I have wasted more hours in my life doing much less productive things than that quest [Like the time you got absolutely sozzled and spent the whole evening stroking your leather jacket, repeating the mantra “It’s sooo smooth”? – Ed].

Be well.

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