Thursday, June 24, 2010

I got the Power!

Unfortunately I have been the victim of a 24 hour power cut recently and as such have only been online for a couple of hours this week. I managed to get on late last night for an hour or so with my Dwarvern Mystic where we raided The Court of Al Afaz in Pillars of Flame, which was fun and gained Dorfy another 3 AA points. Which was nice.

I plan on playing my Mystic a bit more. I forgot how much I love playing him. It’s difficult though to spread oneself about all of ones toons when I still have yet to reach 90 on any of them. Sometimes I am of the mind that as long as I am enjoying the game it matters not and others I feel I am falling behind as I am not experiencing content my guildies and friends are having fun with. It’s really weird. When the level cap had just turned 80 it took me about 3 months to get 4 of my toons up to the required level, but then again I was playing the game for many more hours a week than I am now.

I guess I will just have to admit that my low play times mean I will fall behind in such things. I will have to accept that will probably be online a little less too. My brother has just bought me Mass Effect on STEAM, so once it’s fully downloaded (darn power cut stopped my download) I’m sure I’ll be playing a fair bit on that. My bro really rates the game and his taste in gaming is very similar to mine, so I know I can trust his judgement. Then after Mass Effect, I reckon I’ll probably move on to the sequel. We’ll just see how it goes I think. I really should stop considering all this stuff and just play games!

This weekend sees MotoGP head to Assen in the Netherlands. One of my favourite venues of the season. The track is simply awesome, one of the real old school tracks, loved by pretty much every racer who goes there. Sadly Rossi will be out for a few more races due to his nasty injury, but it’s really great to see his team mate doing so well (he won last weekend at Silverstone). I always knew Jorge Lorenzo would be a World Champion in the top tier one day and I reckon this season may be his chance. Good luck to you Jorge! By the way, Jorge Lorenzo is George Lawrence in our speak ;)

Silverstone was a good race. Mr Lawrence raced away at the start and was not seen again until the final flag, leading by a huge margin the whole race. The excitement came further down the field in the battle for third place and further down the grid also. Great stuff. Always nice to see Nicky Hayden beat Stoner too. Shame Hayden narrowly missed the podium though with yet another 4th place finish and his countryman Ben Spies (who was simply amazing) taking his first podium in the class on his Tech3 Yamaha. Grats to all and good luck in Assen!

Vale, get well soon! I’d love to know who you are cheering on whilst you are away!

Be well.

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