Thursday, June 3, 2010

Norrathian Parkour

Yes. I know I still have 6 levels to go to get Adurj to level cap and even then a huge amount of work to do in bringing his equipment up to date and some key questlines he needs to complete, but sometimes I still cannot help myself from logging on and achieving nothing constructive whatsoever. Actually, I guess that statement depends upon what you consider constructive.

Last night I logged on, missed out on a couple of groups by a gnats bollock and then found I had nothing to do apart from further my questing in Sundered Frontier. I did that for an hour or so, then got bored. Still no groups had presented themselves and I must admit I was feeling too lazy to get off my arse and start a group myself. So, what did I do? A bit of crafting, some harvesting or some AA farming I hear you ask? Well, no. I decided my time was best spent travelling around Freeport attempting to get to places one should not get to and hopping, vaulting and launching myself off and over countless ‘street furniture’. A bit of Norrathian Parkour if you like.

If you are unfamiliar with parkour, quite simply it is amazing to watch. A bit irresponsible at times and mostly downright dangerous but nevertheless modern ‘free running’ is a spectacle to behold and no mistake. Check some out here.

I managed to get behind the wall of Lucans destroyed tower, walk the whole outer wall in West Freeport, get on top of the player housing in North & South Freeport and ‘inside’ the roof gardens and also establish that ‘clipping’ doesn’t seem to work when that high up. Walls look solid, but sometimes they just ain’t. So, I managed to fall through the world a whole lot when I got my jumps wrong. All in all I had a real blast. Qeynos is my next Norrathian Parkour target.


Be well.

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