Friday, August 20, 2010

Lootz R Us

Man did I clean up on the raid last night. Both Adurj and Voltaan got their first raid T9 shoulders from a quick run through Toxx. I’m starting to get a bit self conscious about it and I’m pretty sure my fellow raiders are quite rightly thinking I’m a lootz ho. I know the real reason is that they already have everything they need from the first few mobs we kill, so the stuff would just end up being muted anyhow but I’m a worrier by nature so I hope they don’t judge me too harshly!

I’m actually doing them an injustice when I say that. They all are so nice, they are probably pleased for me and the fact that the more folks in full raid gear, the further we will progress. There are a few new faces that have appeared on the raid force from when I used raid with them back in 2009, but mostly it’s the same crew and I personally have had only good experiences with them. I guess I just have a guilty personality and it feels weird being the one walking away with the good loot all the time. Like I said, I know why it is, but it doesn’t change the fact I do feel a bit guilty about it.

Anyhow, that being said, I really am enjoying getting back into raiding again. With my armour not being quite up to scratch I am finding I am dying quite a lot so like last night, I am spending most of my time at ranged at the moment making sure debuffs are kept topped up, healers who need it are Grav’d and resurrections are my baby too at the moment. Hopefully that leaves the rest of the raid force a bit more wiggle room to operate in and a few less things to worry about.

In addition to the cool loot I grabbed, I also looted the head of Vullan for AoVs guild hall. Not sure if anyone else has donated one to the guild yet, but if not it’ll be a nice addition to our trophy display in the courtyard.

Last nights raid was only a short one as our normal raid leader is in Vienna on holiday, although it didn’t stop his diligent self popping on to join us for an hour from his laptop. I hope you are having a fantastic holiday in Vienna mate. Now stop playing EQ2 and go see the sights (and bars) :)

After the raid I thought it was about time I got Voltaan off his ancient butt and back to the workbench to get his tinkering back up. I haven’t done any tinkering since the expansion came out and I was sitting at 400/450 skill level. I caught up with replenishing my stock of over clocked manastones and also indulged in the creation of a few other items that are fun and sometimes useful. Yup, I created a few Turkey and Cow flingers (dumbfire pets) to disrupt my enemies. Nothing like a flying heffer to put you off your battle swing I find. Sjlverwolf my guild leader gave me a Brellium, bringing my total to 5 which is enough to make the new 68% run speed hover mount which I created as Voltaan did not have a mount and previously relied upon totems for run speed.

I also stocked up on my over clocked defibrillators (or whatever they are called, I don’t recall) as I have found on a few occasions when 2 boxing that I have needed one but obviously was lacking. Well, now I’m all stocked up again and after about thirty minutes tinkering now sit at 406/450. It’s gonna be slow progressing the skill, but I will probably fit in half an hour a play session. It’ll max sooner or later.

I noticed the tinkering items seem to becoming a bit boring. This expansion we had another set of recipes the same as before pretty much, but with better skill levels. One thing we have got now is a personal harvesting depot, which although not much use to me is a great item for others. Not sure if it is one of the tinkered items that you need to be a tinkerer to use though. I may check that out tonight and if there’s no restriction, I’ll knock a few out for the broker. It’s about time I got those Xegonites too and made my mender bot. I may sort that out tonight too.

Oh man. I’ve just realised something. When crafting in EQ2 you usually get some by products from the combine. Those are usually just crappy trash that generally being too lazy to sell low end items, I destroy when I get them. I did that last night. And I have just recalled that one of the by products for creating the hover mount was three Brellium rares. That’s worth about 28plat {I pity the fool who combines with Voltaan – Ed}. What a doofus. I wonder if I could petition SoE to get them back? Wow, I’m so click happy at times.

Be well.

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