Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Had me cake. I ate it too.

It was pretty cool that last night both Floh and I dinged 90 within a few minutes of each other. I know Floh is my wife’s second character to 90 just like Volt is for me, but she was a lot quicker with the first one than I was (by about 4 months). Yesterday we had been questing in Stonebrunt Highlands and it seems the previous day my wife stayed up after me and rushed ahead with the quests. So last night after our raid (more on that in a bit) we went our separate ways. Me to finish the Deepwater pavilion quests and Floh was off doing the E’Arad Isle quests.

I had a bit of a discussion with my wife over this next bit, and it seems we have differing views. Well I assume so seeing as when i told her my thoughts on the matter I was labelled as being ‘sad’. What I’m talking about is where we dinged. As I approached 90th on Voltaan and got to about 90% into 89 Ema kept offering to give me some money to go and finish up with some quick collection purchasing. I politely refused. Why? Well, I do not like it when it says on my character info screen on EQ2 players that I dinged in my guild hall. I like it to say the location of dingage [Yay! He’s back to creating words again – Ed] as being an adventure zone not a city or guild hall or a house. Now to some that may be ‘sad’, thanks Ema by the way for that, but it’s important to me. I like to do it the hard work way if I can, especially at this stage. I didn’t do all that hard work and running around to have my 90th level listed as dinging in a Large Qeynos guild hall. No siree. Don’t get me wrong I have used collections to ding in the past, but that’s usually at very low level and the first part of when I power level a toon.

Anyhow, Floh was about 15% in exp behind me, so when I dinged, she could not resist the urge and went shiny purchasing. Lo and behold, two minutes later, Floh had 90 love too.

Last night saw me join the raiding syndicate again for some fun in Toxx then on to Palace. We didn’t have a full raid force so luckily for me, the raid leader allowed me to bring Voltaan along also in case any alt rolls were successful. That way it would not slow the raid down when I had to log him in to loot stuff. Voltaan is on a different account to my Dirge so having him as my designated alt is a little awkward. Although the frequency Brawler loot drops in these SF raid zones is crazy and I probably won’t have to worry about it for too long as I’m sure Volt will be kitted pretty quickly.

When I say, ‘worry about it’, I’m not kidding. Not knowing the fights or the set up for the raid zones we were visiting it was pretty tough having Volt there and me worrying if he was hindering the raid force in any way. I know a few times when he died someone threw him a res (although he obviously didn’t accept being boxed at the time, better to stay dead). But that was a res that could have been used for someone else, or a casting time that could have been spent on a debuff. That’s why I was stressing about having Volt along as well as Adurj. I didn’t want to delay the raid but also I didn’t want to force a ‘fail’ situation. Anyhow, it all worked out for the best with Voltaan and Adurj both getting some very nice loots indeed.

I like it when you start to raid again with a force that has already achieved a huge amount in an expansion. The main part of the raid force already has all the loot of the first few mobs in a zone so for that first hour or so of raiding it is possible to walk away with five or six drops for example. Last night between Adurj and Volt, they picked up four fabled pieces. Not bad for a couple of hours work.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have only just started raiding again. My kit is not amazing for raiding and as such I did tend to get one shotted a fair amount. I’m dreadfully aware that everytime that happens I am another drain on the raid force. My parse last night was nowhere near up to scratch either. I need to at least double it and provide all the utility. I’m sure that will come with better kit and better survivability. As it stood last night it came to the point in several fights where I just backed Adurj off so he wouldn’t need anymore res’s! Instead I stood at the back and debuffed like a lunatic and jumped on ressing any fallen comrades. At least I could offer some support that way instead of being a burden. As it turns out when I decided to do this, things started going a bit smoother for me and with not dying so much I managed to help a load more with utility stuff. Like I said, I’m sure as I get more and more equipment my survuivability will increase and then I’ll be able to go back toe to toe with the mobs and work on upping my dps again.

The parse was quite frustrating for me last night. I absolutely know why it was so low. Kit and the fact I died all the time. Anyhow, on my parse, after palace I was only at about 7k dps. Not too bad maybe, but when the other dirges (we had two, good ole Jahf and the lovely Piki) were parsing upwards of 12 to 15k, it was a little embarrassing. I know my support role was good and solid and mostly I was quick on res’s, but I like a little parse fun too. I know I’ll get there. In some instances with the right group I have been hitting between 10 and 12 k dps with some support thrown in too, so I know I have the ability. I guess I just need to relax a little and wait patiently for equipment, then I can get back into it. It’s much easier to dps when you’re not squished on the floor. That’s my goal on Adurj, better survivability, then the parse will naturally follow.

Over all I had an awesome time. A fantastic and fruitful raid with the old gang (thanks a load guys, was great mashing it up with you lot again), then Voltaan reaching 90th a little later. Not a bad night really. Now I just have to get Voltaans last update for his enervated in Cella, then I can equip the awesome Fabled raid weapon I have. I think I’ll try and get a group to head there tonight.

Be well.

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