Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So many things to do

The last few nights (apart from Mondays raid night) I have been helping guildies to complete their epic weapon quests. I really did forget how much fun some of the RoK zones are. It’s been an eternity since I last ran Vaults of Eternal Sleep or Maidens Chamber, or indeed Crypt of Agony. Admittedly they didn’t take long to complete compared to when I was running them at the correct tier a few years ago, but it was fun all the same. I’d quite like to be able to run those zones again as a challenge though. I wonder if it is possible for SoE to scale the zone like they did with some of the TSO instances, where you can run level 90 versions. That would be awesome if every instance was like that. Although some of the zones I would really like to run like that are open zones not instances, so it wouldn’t work. I really really would so love to run a level 90 Fallen Gate or Stormhold or Crushbone though ;) That would be pretty awesome.

Tonight I plan on spending some time on Udrath. I know my decorating is falling behind, but I still have my carpenter hammering out the materials I need to produce my Tower and Fort Brakkarg, so I am sitting around waiting for my building materials to be delivered anyhow. I am desperate to catch Mere up and do some more adventuring with him. Well, tonights the night. Even if Mere is busy I can use the time to power Uddy up to Meres level so we are at least on an equal footing again. Oh yeah, I will probably craft Emas and Uddys level 22 armour on Killzum too. I have no idea how expensive the rares are nowadays though. If it’s too much they can both have level 20 armour instead, unless I have some rares stashed away somewhere that is.

I want to try and get Udraths AAs up a little too and ideally would like to start a crafting profession for him as I have never really been a crafter, but it seems like the ideal opportunity to level one up slowly as I level the adventure progression too. That way if I do a level a level, so to speak, then by the time he gets to 90 I’ll have a 90 crafter too. But what profession to choose? With all the house decorating I am doing at the moment I think I may go down that route. It would be nice to be able to hammer out stuff I need instead of having to ask other s or buy it off the broker. Yeah, I’ll probably do that.

Other than that I need to spend some more time catching up with RIFT developments as I have fallen behind a bit with those and have no idea what’s happening there. I hope BETA is soon and that I get a key! I am sooo excited about this game and I am struggling to keep my enthusiasm curbed so as not to get too ‘hopeful’ about it. Yes, we all remember the hype about Vanguard and the actual result. I don’t want to get all excited just to be disappointed again. But it does look seriously good. Ohh, I wonder what the ‘fluff’ content will be like? Will I be able to sit in a chair? Now that’s the million dollar question! Ahh, I have just thought of another cool emote I don’t think I have ever seen in an MMO. How about a proper ability to do a handshake, warrior style, forearm to forearm like with other players? That would be a great interaction tool instead of waving ‘hello’ when you meet someone.

Another thing that has ground to a halt recently is the video I am doing for my raid syndicate. I have (most) of the material ready to produce but can I find a free video editing software that does everything I want? Nope. I have the updated version of the Windows Movie Maker thing, but that doesn’t allow you to slow down or speed up video and a few other things that I need for the idea I have. If anyone reading has any suggestions on what to use, please let me know, I’m desperate to get working on this. I have the material, the ideas, the music, the voice overs, the graphics, but no suitable editing software! Frustrating indeed. Mebbe I’ll check out the PC mags this lunchtime. There is bound to be something free on one of the cover discs. Well hopefully.

Be well.


  1. Should be around tonight to get the old team together again!
    Carpentry looks like quite a fun profession, with some good cash making potential too from watching Brynnethe.

  2. Great stuff. I'll cya tonight then Bro.