Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rossi recovers..

Just a quick one to wish Valentino Rossi well in his recuperation from his operation on his shoulder. The operation itself took twice as long as was expected as the injury which was originally thought to be a damaged tendon in his shoulder actually turned out to be a lot more serious when they got in there. The tendons were broken, not simply damaged. I was stunned. Vale has been racing with that injury for months and when I say racing I really mean racing. How can any sane human being have battles at 150 mph, bashing fairings with other riders in intense battles..when they have an injury like that?

Just to put it in perspective for you, when riding at that level the pressure on your arms and shoulders is immense. Absolutely huge. The G-Forces are akin to and in some circumstances higher than those F1 cars / drivers have to sustain and in the region of those a fighter pilot has to endure. Rossi rode with that injury, completely ripped tendons, got podium finishes and a win whilst under those intense physical pressures.

Just to put it in a little more perspective for you, can you imagine a football player playing a 90 minute match with a completely ripped tendon in their leg? Then doing that for another seven or eight matches. And winning the ball and beating the opposing team members in sprints and challenges?

Valentino Rossi (and indeed most MotoGP riders) are made of real tough stuff indeed. Their dedication and ability to dismiss pain in pursuit of their passion absolutely stuns me.

Get well soon Vale. Kudos to you for being one hell of a tough MotherF’er. I can’t wait to see you fully competitive again and on a Duke.

Valentino Rossi (46) challenging Casey Stoner (27) at the Malsian Grand Prix.
Rossi is racing here with a broken leg and ripped shoulder tendon.
All whilst enduring incredible G-Forces.... Amazing.
Be well.

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