Friday, November 19, 2010

RIFT beta

Well, I’ve finally managed to sign up for RIFT BETA. I had already registered at the website, but until today and an email from Trion Worlds, I didn’t realise that you actually have to log in to your account at Trion Worlds and complete a BETA questionnaire for you to be considered.

I’ll be checking out RIFT in more detail in preparation for an anticipated BETA key and will update you with my thoughts.

Until then I have a very busy weekend with Office parties and work to be done at home. I’ll try to update on Monday if I’m sober enough to type!

Be well.


  1. Fingers crossed. My beta app is in so just sitting back and waiting now...

  2. There are two websites giving out beta keys for the upcoming beta weekend in December. One key = one chance of getting in, so you want as many as you can get :)
    You will have to register however, but these are gaming sites so you might already have an account.
    And here:

    Good luck to you both!

  3. I now have three Beta keys. I'm hoping one of them comes good!

    Thanks Mynna :)