Monday, November 1, 2010

Nearly there, but not quite..

I really didn’t realise how addicted I was to EQ2 until it was taken away from me. It’s not just the game, although I do yearn to run around my house placing items for some reason! You have no idea how many Galleons and Castles I have built in my mind in planning for my home deco. Quite sad really. Nah, mainly it’s the company. I guess you don’t realise how much you depend on the good friends you make online in your normal day to day life. Even though I have never met half of the folks I hang around with, I found I have been missing their opinions, discussions, humour, idiosyncrasies, and generally ‘being around’.

It’s strange as well in that I really do feel like I am missing out on stuff. Since I have been offline I have missed two raid nights with a third coming up tonight that I won’t be able to attend and countless groups and guild type activities. It really is weird when you are smack bang engrossed in a community, then suddenly it’s not there anymore. Well, of course it’s there, but I can’t take part in it is what I’m getting at.

Hopefully the absence will soon be over though and I am hoping to be back online tomorrow night *fingers crossed*. I’m wondering what sort of tell hell I will be in when I return? Haha, probably none, that’s when the reality hits, lol!

Hope to see you soon!

Be well.


  1. I've missed both you & Ema greatly & look forward to you both being back. I login occasionally, realize neither of you is going to login & I log right back out, lol! Hope everything is going well & I hope to see you both soonish~

  2. Likewise buddy..well not the logging in bit, but the missing greatly bit. Don't worry, if I'm back tomorrow you'll be the first I pester!