Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lagging Behind

Raiding last night was not so much fun. We hit Underfoot Depths again which was cool, but the thing that made it not fun? Well, the lag and delays and freezes were simply unbearable. To start, Ema couldn’t even get in the game. It took her about 15 or so tries before getting in. Then throughout the night we had problems, but they got steadily worse until we both decided to reboot our comps and reset our router. This, as it happens was not the best idea as the problems were not fixed and it took me about 20 tries to log in just to let our raid leader know it was not going to be happening for Ema and I. A shame indeed as I always hate letting down those we raid with. Sadly Rathgar didn’t go down to our attempts this time either, even though we have got him down a couple of times before. It was an amalgamation of issues, of which bad lag for a fair few was one.

Only playing one MMO really, I don’t know if other MMOs have the same problem with lag. I’m thinking that perhaps they don’t to the same extent as EQ2. It’s kind of linked to one of the things my Bro has commented on previously concerning the graphics engine still being a bit dodgy and memory intensive with leaks all over the place. It got me to wondering why EQ2 suffers from problems such as this. I mean I personally think EQ2 is an amazing game. Of course I would say that with 6 years of my life invested in to it. But, even though the graphics do look really cool and in my opinion still some of the best MMOs have to offer out there, the engine can be very sluggish and anomalies do still occur.

I recall when EQ2 first came out and there was talk that the graphics engine was made to be able to be upgraded many times to utilise technology concerning computers and graphics cards for many years to come with the ability to make best use of such technology. Even so, 6 years on and although things have got a little better all the problems have not yet been solved. I guess it’s not a problem I have too often, and I can certainly live with it. Unless it’s on raid night!

Sunday night saw a great session online. I played Udrath and no longer had I switched to him after doing a bit of broker mashing on Volt, I got a tell from Jahf on his mini Inquisitor asking if me and Mere had room in our group. Of course we did, and we all met up on the docks at Zek, The Orcish Wastes to indulge in a bit of HQ fun. My Bro and Jahf had already done the first part of the pre-requisite quest for Rescue of the Greenhoods HQ, called Operation Greenhood, so I quickly got myself caught up. I think its worth saying here that the very first fight we had was crazy. In typical style when tanking I ran straight through a huge amount of Orcs with the knowledge that I had two proficient healers with me. Sadly, I did kinda forget Uddy was still in his level 20 armour and as such what started as a fun pull very quickly turned in to an epic battle. Just for a bit more fun we picked up a ^^^ who wandered past too. But we lived, and after my Brothers exclamations of ‘typical Udrath’, we went to talk to that sneaky dude behind that Orc hut, then back to the docks and on to the Glademaster.

When we reached the part of the quest where you have to complete a sub quest for the Glademaster (Into the Vallon Foundry) we decided to start the Training is a Shield HQ also. Seeing as we were heading in to the Orcish Quarry anyhow, we thought we may as well. And it’s a good job too, as we were completing the quest for the Glademaster, none of us really noticed that Jahfs inquisitor had levelled, then when we killed that annoying Gnome, Nixam Duxdiggle (or whatever he is called) and his mini evil eye, Mere and Jahf got the update but Uddy didn’t as he was too low. We checked the respawn timer and it was an hour. This worked out quite well really as it gave us a chance to run through the remainder of the Training is a Shield trials given by Grozmog just outside the quarry. When we had got to the stage that Grozmog tells you to go kill Emporer Fyst in Deathfyst Citadel (“DFC”), it was back down the quarry to finish off the Gnome again. Just prior to doing that though, I nipped back to the guild hall to upgrade my kit and armour. When we resumed we only had to wait a couple of minutes and there he was. I got my update and it was back to the Glade to speak to Sasha (I think that’s the Elfs name. He’s just outside the Glademasters hut) and all three of us picked up the Rescue of the Greenhoods HQ. That was where we left it for that night, but I’m hoping we can head back there tonight to get cracking on that quest and then in to DFC itself. I really really love that zone. I don’t particularly think it is as good as it was originally when Fyst used to be an Epic x2 in the arena dungeon thingy, but it is still a quality instance. So, if all goes well I’m hoping to have some fun in there tonight.

On to other subjects, I already have the next instalment of Udrath and Mere’s adventures penned, but I won’t release it until I have seen Meres next one or spoken to him about it as I don’t want to step on his creative toes. If you are interested, my next instalment will introduce a new character to our tale and you can find some previously penned stories by me about him here if you feel like a bit of background reading. I’m not sure when my Bro will get time to get his next update up, as I know he is hugely mega busy with work at the moment and slogging his guts out most of the day and night. I hope things lighten up for you soon buddy! Oh, and I watched the weather forecast for the UK Bro, and knowing you do a huge amount of miles on the road, be careful and good luck in the snow drifts. I recall last year (or was it the year before?) when you got stuck for an eternity on the A17 I think. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Even so don’t forget your bag of salt in the car, a shovel and a nice flask of mommas hot brew too :) Oh, and most importantly, make sure your Ipod is fully stocked with groovy tunes !

Still nothing from Trion about BETA, I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd December. We’ll know if our Beta keys come good. Lots of crossed fingers all round for that one!

Be well.


  1. That first orc fight was fun, but more than a little crazy! Just like old times.
    My lag turned out to be at my end after all, rather than the game server. EQ2 has been pretty stable for me in that sense since coming back, even though I think the graphics engine needs an overhaul.
    Only a little snow here so far, but cancelled my visit to Southend tomorrow after talking to the customer. He couldn't see more than a foot from his office window because of the snow...

  2. Glad to hear it. best to stay safe man. Keep ye powder dry!