Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No room at the Inn

I’m running out of room in my house. I got up to my 700 item limit pretty quickly and to be honest I didn’t think I was anywhere near it. But running round my house and the subsequent part of Gorowyn Island I have taken over and I can see I have placed a huge amount of items. I guess that’s one of the problems with going outside the ‘official’ boundaries of my house and on to the Island. You need a lot more items to fill it. Anyhow, I had about 1,800 Station cash just sitting there as it has been for quite some time and purely by accident I was skimming through the items available seeing what I could waste my cash on, when I saw it. Yup. House expanders. One that gives you an extra 100 slots to use for 650 station cash, and another that gives you 200 extra item slots for your home for about 1,200 sc. They don’t stack but I’m not sure if they will be able to be used with the crafted house expanders, but it’s worth a try. So now I am up to 900 slots available with 734 filled. It’s a damn good job I have some more space. I’ve started to build my Tower of Babel.

Yup you heard right. I was looking at my available item slots and thought that I’ll need all of them to build my huge Galleon. But I was starting to balk at the idea as looking on the official forums, so many people have done it. So I thought I should be a bit more inventive and create something that no one else (as far as I am aware) has tried. So, Fort Brakkarg was born. On the back of Gorowyn Island a whole section is now protected from land and coast alike by high walls and battlements. Inside will be tents of a small community all centering round the octagonal tower I am building (foundations laid, construction begins tonight!).

The Tower itself will be octagonal in ever decreasing circles as it gets higher. I am planning on building as many levels as I possibly can under my item limit. I want it to be taller than the mountain it is next to. I’m going to have to leave about 50 slots free for decorating it and the surroundings, but I must say I’m pretty excited about it (in a sad way). I plan on only using the ground floor and perhaps one level (that only covers a bit at the sides) and leave the whole of the tower inside hollow, so you can standing the middle and look all the way up to the top to the stars. I also plan on popping a teleport pad right at the top and make it in to some sort of observatory. Looking forward to getting started on that I must say.

Raiding was fun last night. No great shakes as far as conquering new content is concerned but a lot of fun all the same. We hit Labs, then Palace where Volt finally got his hands on his defensive chest piece and then we headed off to start Underfoot Depths. We cleared the trash in there, had one very good shot at the first named, then had to call it a night as it was end of raid time. I guess we’ll be heading there again on Thursday to get him then move on through the zone as far as we can. Most importantly Volt got more raid seals. Man I need those so bad. I need to adorn four pieces of armour that I don’t wear at the moment (as they are not adorned and their offensive/defensive counterpart is) so eventually I will have a full set of defensive and offensive raid armour that will all be adorned. It’s a real pain as a fighter. With the other classes (correct me if I’m wrong) it is nice to have offensive and defensive gear but really for a lot it’s only the offensive they’ll use. But for a tank, especially a leather tank where at the drop of a hat I can be asked to tank or to dps, I NEED both sets to be fully adorned and available. So that’s an extra 35 seals I need above other non fighter classes. A little unfair but hey, I’ll roll with it. I have my sublime weapon and a full set of armour available that is adorned (both red and white), so it’s not a great great issue, but hoping to get all those sorted. I then need more seals to upgrade items to tier two raid gear. I already have a couple of Tier 2 pieces, but can get a couple more through use of raid seals. I guess I need to make sure I don’t miss any raids and grab all the seals off named mobs that I can.

I’m really hoping to get some time on Udrath tonight as well as doing some decorating. I need to catch him up to Merecraft, so I may head to Firemyst Gully and two box him and my SK to power him up in 30 minutes or so from 17 to 22. I know Mere is doing his armour quests at the moment, so would like to help out there. Not sure I’ll do them myself as I’ll just get Killzum to craft Udrath a full set of level 22 armour. That reminds me, Ema has asked me to whip some up for her 22 Zerker too. Mebbe I’ll do that tonight too. Wow. Looks like bed time is going to be in the wee small hours for me!

Be well.

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  1. Looking forwards to seeing that tower! There always does seem to be too much to do in EQ2 :)