Friday, October 15, 2010

Zurich wanderer returns..

That was an unexpected time away from Blog. Well, not totally unexpected. I did know I was heading to Switzerland on business but kinda forgot about it until the last minute and didn’t consider the time away from bloggage it would mean. Have I missed you guys? Erm, probably about as much as you have missed me, hehe.

Before I progress any further, I’d just like to wish my fellow Hometownian and Comedian, and TV star of ‘Genius’ fame, Dave Gorman and his new Bride many congratulations indeed on your marriage. If your marriage ends up anything like mine, then you’re doomed. Err, no, that’s not right..If your marriage ends up anything like mine you will be spending the rest of your life with your best mate and giggle partner. Things will be rosey in the garden of Gorman I am sure. Congratulations!!

Switzerland (Zurich) was fine. First time I had ever been there and I must say it’s a very nice city indeed, especially at night when everything is lit up. It’s one of those places that’s extremely orderly. I would imagine crime is very low also. Whilst I was there I noticed every single car was spotlessly clean. I didn’t see one dirty vehicle the whole three days is was there, not one. I asked a colleague who is based there why it is and he told me that if you don’t keep your car clean you become the villain of the neighbourhood. All very organised and orderly like I said. It kinda created a very community minded and safe atmosphere. Quite pleasant really. Anyhow, thanks to the staff at Hotel Glockenhof and the residents of Zurich, you have a lovely city.

Right-o, I’m back now, so what have I got to rattle on about today? First things first. Within a couple of minutes of clearing the new entrance to my brand new terrace in my Gorowyn six room house I was outside and decorating. I hadn’t hardly started really before I had to log off but before I did, I made a fun discovery. Yes, just like with Antonica or Greater Fay you can ‘slide’ a teleporter out off the terrace and once having teleported to it , pick it up, hop down the mountainside and before you know it, Bob’s ye Mothers brother, you have a teleporter on Gorowyn docks. I haven’t started exploring fully yet, but it looks like you get to head all over Timorous Deep. That’s on my ‘to do’ list tonight. It’s great finding stuff like that and establishing that I can walk on the surface and not fall through the world and indeed even place items there, but then there’s the realisation that if I really wish to enjoy those areas (like the docks) then I’ll have to decorate them. I know the house limit went up with the last expansion but I haven’t checked out how much stuff I can yet place. I guess I’ll find out tonight. The other thing is the cost. I need to tap in to some of the decorating resources we have in our guild I think so it doesn’t end up costing me too much.

One thing I thought of that would be fun, especially in the area ‘outside’ your home would be to let free a few pets that like to wander. Leave them for a few days, then try to track where they went. It is probably a fun game actually and could be done in guild too. I know in AoVs guild hall we have a port to the empty Antonica zone. I think I may run that as a guild event sometime, hunt the pig or summat. Hey, you know what they say, “Small things please small minds”, perhaps that’s why I get a kick out of that kinda stuff, who knows?

Had some raid fun last night on Voltaan. Nothing earth shattering as to content but it’s still nice to hang out with the crew and bash some raid mobs on the noggin. I know quite a few of our raid force are getting itchy feet where the type of content we are doing is concerned. I know for sure a few think we should be doing hard mode stuff a lot more often. I’m not saying they are wrong, or indeed right but I trust our raid leaders judgement and if he feels we need to do some more of the old stuff before we progress to that, then so be it. There are some raid mobs at hard I honestly think we could down. Toxxulia for example. We hit that Dragon a few weeks ago for a couple of raid nights and aside from the time it takes to learn a fight, things were going pretty swimmingly really. We were just missing a healer or two perhaps and Toxxulia would have been dead. It’s that rock and a hard place situation. Do we keep doing the old content to ensure everyone is as well kitted as they possibly can be with the additional possibility that we get a few more healers on board in the mean time? When the bad payoff is that constantly doing the old stuff seems to promote a bit of , well, shall we say less concentration/lethargy which can result in sloppy raiding. Against the argument that we simply do not have the right setup at the moment for hard mode stuff and what if we try and simply keep failing? Would that lower commitment levels of our raid force? Too many knockbacks and lack of progression also brings the occasional shedding of raiders who need raid sustenance quicker than that. I know it’s a fine line to walk and I do not envy our raid leader having to steer the raid in the right direction especially when there is so many differing views on the subject. My own personal opinion, I’m up for anything (within game and within reason ;) )so let’s give it a go. I actually enjoy the endless deaths that comes with learning a new raid mob from scratch. The satisfaction when working in concert, twenty four people achieve something special. It’s a good feeling. If we do hard mode stuff more regularly, I’m sure it will be Toxx that goes down first.

I’ll post some more piccies of my decorating ‘outside’ my Gorowyn home soon.

Be well.


  1. Welcome Back Bro & Good to see you blogging again!!

  2. Welcome back bruv! Looking forwards to the screenies.

  3. Thanks! I have taken them..Just gotta get round to posting now..there will be more about my decorating fun in my blog later today :)