Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something new & something..Red

I hooked up with my Bro for a little while last night. Not for very long as we were both busy but even so it was really great to hang out with him. I think I’m going to resurrect Udrath, my Dwarvern Warrior from EQ and close friend of Merecrafts (in game). Like Mere said to me last night, it would be nice to see the old team back together. Initially I met up with him on voice chat and it really did hit me from his questions, how much has changed over the last three years. I guess it must be pretty daunting but at least he has me, Ema and Jahf to pester for help. Anyhow, I’ll leave that subject alone and as it is for now, as I am sure he will update us all fully on his EQ2 experience in his next instalment on ‘Far Beyond My Capacity’.

A quick holler for Valentino Rossi who has been give the ‘all clear’ by Yamaha bosses to start testing with his new team at Ducati for 2011 after the Valencian round (last in the season). Apparently they have agreed to release him early from his contract as a thank you for all the places he has taken Yamaha. I’m sorry Sir, but I call ‘Bullshit’. Rossi fell out pretty badly with the Yamaha bosses when they started treating Jorge as the number 1 rider on the team. That rift doesn’t just evaporate overnight. My personal opinion on what happened? Well, it only takes a slightly commercial mind to understand that Rossi ‘IS’ MotoGP for a huge amount of fans out there. He is a MASSIVE earner for the sport. A phenomenally huge earner for MotoGp. Can you imagine the backlash against Yamaha if they did not let the best motorcycle racer who has ever lived move to his new team?

Let’s look at what that would entail. It would mean Rossi would have to remain with Yamaha until his contract expires which is well in to the testing season. Yamaha would be well aware that he is moving to Ducati and Rossi as such would not be allowed anywhere near the MotoGP garages in case he reports back to his new team at Ducati what advancements Yamaha has made over the winter. So Rossi would have an extended holiday, Ducati would be missing a rider on test and the HOARDS of fans around the world would change their opinion ever so slightly about Yamaha. Would it affect bike sales? You bet it would. Big style. Now tell me again Yamaha have been gracious. Meh, the only thing they have to consider is profit and direct link to sales from its MototGP effort. They let Rossi go because it would have cost them too much in lost revenue NOT to have let him go. I’m just hoping now that he delivers for Ducati. Recall when he switched to Yamaha, dubbed ‘one of the worst bikes on the grid’? Over winter he and Jeremy Burgess developed that bike in to a rocket ship and on his very first race on a Yamaha, a bike that could ‘only run with the back markers’, won the race. Pretty amazing stuff. Let’s see a carbon copy of that in 2011 when the great minds and talent of the Red Duke and Rossi meet.

Back to EQ2 and my antics for tonight. Well, like I said I think I may spend a bit of time recreating my Dwarvern Warrior, Udrath Stormheart and catching him up to Merecrafts level so the old team can once more unite. It’ll be just like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Too old codgers tottering around Norrath, hehe. If you get the reference, then let me know in comments! Of course since EQ there are no longer just Warriors. So, I think the closest to what I used to play and more importantly, how I used to play that old toon, I reckon Berserker would be most appropriate. So, a Dwarvern Zerker called Udrath. Yup, that’s the plan for tonight. Hey, I wonder if a level 1 instance of Hedge Hollow or the Haunted House/Mansion is possible? I see no reason why not, hehe. That would be a fun way to level up the first few levels. Anyhow, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Be well.


  1. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy eh?

    "He's absorbing it like some kind of evil sponge!"

    Was fun meeting up last night, looking forwards to seeing the old dwarf out and about :)

  2. Yay! You got the reference :) Hehehe.

  3. I tried to post hours ago in regards to Mr. Squarepants & your dumb page was having issues, I WANTED THE GLORY!!!!!! :P

  4. Awww, poor Jahf, LoL. Shhhh, there's no prizes anyhow but don't tell Mere. From what you said last night I think you must have caught the post as soon as I have posted it. I reckon you were having trouble because as usual, I post a blog, then realise there is a mistake somewhere so edit it. Whilst the editing is going on you wouldn't be able to comment I don't think. If it happens again, leave it 5 mins and I reckon it'll work.