Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not been twiddling my thumbs..

Wow, I never realised how EQ2 addicted I was until it was taken away. Not that I have been getting withdrawal symptoms (I wonder what they are for MMO withdrawal?), but I have been frustrated that I can’t just pop on to do a bit of tinkering or decorating at my home when I feel like it. It’s also been weird not popping on to say ‘Hi’ and chat with my mates. There is only so much forum hopping you can do at work in your lunch hour to keep such needs sated.

So the missus and I watched a film last night, called ‘Dead Mans Shoes’ from local boy (to my old home) Shane Meadows. Starring Paddy Considine (also originally from my neck of the woods) and shot in Derbyshire it really had a local home feel for me. Not a bad movie at all. Nice and violent and a little bit of humour thrown in. The story follows the fate of a local drugs gang when Richard (Considine) an ex soldier returns to his sleepy Derbyshire home town to find that the old drugs gang are still in operation and running the place. He then plots revenge for the gangs treatment of his younger brother (who was mentally disabled).

Considine plays a very convincing ‘controlled psycho’ and I must admit I held my wifes view when not long after the film started and witnessing some of the things they did to his brother when she said “I can’t wait until they meet Richard”. Yup, I couldn’t either and man he didn’t disappoint. Anyhow, a low budget edgy and gritty revenge flick that’s worth a look if you get the opportunity.

Another thing I have been doing whilst ‘afk’ is plotting the design ideas I have for my home. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing as I may be tempted by the Mistmoore Crags Estate in two months time when I get my seven year veteran reward and may end up moving again. Having said that I’m really happy with my Gorowyn home and the amount of work I have done on it makes me kinda loathe to move on again.

So what have I been planning? Number one on my list is a huge galleon for my docs area and the other which I don’t think has been done before, is a full sized castle. Yup, I have decided to build a castle on the other side of Gorowyn Island. I already have some great ideas about what materials to use and how to construct it. I reckon it’s going to take me a long time but should be a lot of fun when I have finished it. One of the things I am struggling with on the design side is a moat, which I would ideally like to have. But I guess I’ll see if it’s possible.

I have also been constructive and have been developing my raid syndicates video which I am making using the Fraps program. Having already got some good footage and although I need more it has been good to not be distracted by the game and to be able to develop that project a little too, even without net connection. I’m hoping I should be finished with that in a week or so. Of course there will be a copy posted here when it’s done. There are a few technical issues I am struggling to overcome whilst using basic ‘free to download’ video editing software. I don’t really want to have to pay for a better editor or to unlock more stuff for the one I have, but I may have to to get the end result I would like. Anyway, currently the staff at ‘Bangers n Mash Productions’ are working night and day to get the project online. Ok, so that’s me alone, but I am working hard at getting it finished.

I have just heard there may be a possibility we can move today. If so, I’ll hopefully be online later.

Be well.


  1. Good luck with the move! Looking forwards to seeing that vid too!

  2. Thanks mate. I'll let you know how we get on!