Monday, October 25, 2010

Le'Bard Connection: Extreme Makeover Edition.

Before I start, I just want to give a shout out to Mynna, a friend of mine on the AB server. On Saturday night she ran a roleplaying murder mystery event for her guild Tapiolan Sankarit. Sadly I couldn’t attend but even so I have been hearing some really great feedback about the evening. Apparently it was an extremely fun, well run and professional event. I may be wrong on this but I think even the GMs helped her out a little. I don’t know who these events are open too, but I will be sure to ask as I definitely wish to attend the next one. Great stuff Mynna, it’s really good to see we still have some folks fighting for the RP part of our server. OK, on to other business...

Monday again. I really do wish we could move to a three day working week a la 60’s, 70’s style. Of course I don’t really as things were terrible last time that happened, but sometimes the thought of four days off every week just appeals to me. But as it stands it’s Monday morning again and it’s time to look forward to the working week and forget about the great weekend I had. Shame, coz it really was fun.

First off, in real life we are moving house this weekend coming, so there was quite a bit of ferrying stuff back and forth (we are only moving to about 200 metres away) and all the boring stuff that goes with moving. I’m looking forward to it though. The new place is much better than where we are currently in both size and quality. I think my little tribe should be happy there. I always love spending time with my family no matter what we are doing so it was really nice to all be working together to get the move going all smooth like. We had quite a few laughs too.

Of course evenings have been spent on EQ2 and mainly with my Bro. Saturday night was particularly fun with Merecraft (me Bro), Udrath (Me), Brynnethe (My Bro’s wife) and Jisao (Jahf) when we did a little bit of questing in Greater Fay after Mere and Jahf had paid a visit to my home in Gorowyn.

During that visit, something interesting popped up whilst we were discussing house items and amongst other things how I got the whole of Gorowyn Island to myself and I asked Mere and Jahf if either of them knew of a boat house item. I know there is one available for use in guild halls, but I have no idea if there is one for normal homes. I doubt it as there really isn’t anywhere you could use one without going outside the clipping and using the rest of the outside zone like I do, so they probably don’t make one. Jahf suggested I check the forums out for some as he has seen that some have crafted one. I’m going to go have a look to see what materials they used and then I plan on building a HUGE galleon at my docks area. I’ll keep you posted on that. Ideally I would like to create one that you can board and walk around on deck but also below decks. We’ll see how I get on with that. Although, no matter what I create it won’t bob up and down on the water which would be really cool, oh well.

The house move is getting closer and closer (real life house move btw!) and it looks like I am going to be offline for a week or so whilst they swap the telephone line over. Yes yes, I know that only takes a few seconds but this is Spain don’t forget. It can take about 3 weeks for them to even start thinking about doing something. Quite a nice relaxed attitude really, until you are desperate to get something done quickly. I’ll still be able to have access to this blog, and I’ll keep you updated here. Hopefully we’ll make some good in roads in to moving stuff across to our new home, the internet will be fixed no problem and at the weekend we’ll back up and running. That’s the plan.

Oh, watched ‘The Hangover’ last night for the first time. It’s well worth a watch. It’s be a while since I have watched a comedy that has actually had me laughing out loud regularly and reaching for the rewind button, but this flick really hit the spot. Not a surprise though, Old School is by the same dude, Todd Phillips, and that is one of my fave fun movies too. The performances were perfectly executed so the comedic timing had the very best delivery. It just worked and as I say, it’s been a while since my reaction was more than a smile to some comedies recently and this movie most definitely left me rolling in the aisles. Apparently there is an Hangover 2 on the horizon. I’ll have to look into that. A quick shout out to Ed Helms too of The Office: An American Workplace fame who played one of the main roles in the movie. A fantastic performance and nothing short of the laughs this dude always seem to bring when playing Andy in The Office.

Right, I’ll see you soon bloggians. Time to move house.

Be well.


  1. Good luck with the house move!

    Looking forwards to seeing how your ship looks too.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I was lucky to have great participants who had me laughing to tears at times. It's a pity you couldn't make it, but given the feedbacks so far, I'll likely do it again, or a variation of it. I didn't have any GM help, although the very first time I ran it a few years ago, someone helped me greatly by reviewing the script and assisting during the evening. Some woman playing a fury named Lafala at the time. You might know her better as Brynnethe ;)

    You'll find lots of inspiration for boats on the homeshow forums, people have been building them in guildhalls for a while. I'm curious to see what you will come up with.

    Good luck with the move! Ema said the house was perfect. I hope it lives up to your expectations and more :)

  3. Volt, go to the Official Forums & look up 'Galleon "Dragon Breath" on Halas Harbor', lots of screenshots of a player's home that built a Galleon in the harbor of their Halas home, I think you'll be "VERY" Impressed.

  4. Holy Cow Jahf! that is amazing..truly awesome and EXACTLY what I had in mind. All the other boats on the forums look kinda goofy and yesterday lunchtime I was sketching Spanish galleons and trying to work out what materials to use! LoL, coincidence..think I'm going to steal some of her ideas. Fantastic link mate, thanks :)