Thursday, October 7, 2010

One sought after dude...

A certain friend of mine should get a kick from this. This is the top three most recent search terms typed in to any search engine that ended up redirecting those searching to my blog.

1. jahf eq2 (49 searches)

2. adurj le bard (7 searches)
3. jahf eq2 a bard (7 searches)

Now what I want to know is what sort of fans have you been rallying Jahf to get that much interest? Never mind that the blog operator is a shady 42 searches behind Jahf, but you’re in third spot too. My, we are a popular boy! I guess we shouldn’t tell Ema she is only ...

6. eq2 emarald (1 search)

We can’t take too much from that as most visitors to my blog are revisiting or are from referrals and only about 10% of the traffic comes from search engines. Interesting all the same.

On other matters, it seems the team at Trion have been busy beavers. The content on the RIFT website appears to be growing daily at the moment. It’s worth a look even if you only check out the screenies. Also for those who did not realise, Beta sign up is also available on the webby. There is a lot more about classes and races now and some of the lore makes a good read. Although, am I the only one who sees a resemblance between the idea of RIFT and the EQ2 expansion The Shadow Odyssey? There are certainly similarities.

MotoGP hits Sepang in Malaysia this weekend which I am very much looking forward to. Valentino Rossi has won here no less than five times. I’m predicting another last few laps battle between Rossi and Lorenzo. I wonder if Rossi will ride less aggressively now he’s been told off by Yamaha bosses about last weeks race? I would certainly hope not. That’s his riding style and there is nothing illegal about it where MotoGPs governing body is concerned, so I don’t see what they have to moan about. I know it happens in other sports, where one team mate will help the other to succeed, but there are two points to consider here. One, Lorenzo doesn’t need any help. He is aggressive enough himself and more than talented enough to fight those sort of battles and let’s face it, he’s going to be World Champion most likely anyhow, even if he fails to finish another race this year. Two, it’s always been part of the attraction of MotoGP that the teams do not impose anything resembling team orders, aside from historically, maybe Honda who are a little different in their ethos towards racing than the other teams.

I honestly think Yamaha are trying to cause Rossi problems. I know he fell out with Yamahas big boss and words were said, but if they get off their high corporate chairs just for a second to realise without Rossi (and his crew chief Jeremy Burgess) they would not be the powerhouse in MotoGp that they are today. Yamaha are in danger of becoming like the British Government in the way they treat their heroes and legend makers, and that’s not good in any ones book.

Ok, back to normal business. EQ2. Raid tonight. I’m not sure where we are going, but I hope we go and finish off our half done Palace instance. I am in desperate need to get my helm and one of the nameds drops the tier 2 version. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed because the red helm adornment is probably one of the best for a Bruiser. It’s mega helpful anyhow and gives quite a few bonuses to the three different stances they get. I guess we’ll just have to see what drops. I’d also like another go at Toxx hard mode. We really were working hard at that and it would be a shame to leave it too long before we try again. If we had tried with the raid force we had the other night then there would be no question at all, we would have got him down. I’m also feverishly hoping to get more raid seals. As you will know from yesterdays post, my hoard of Seals of Arad has been reduced rather dramatically since my red adorn buying frenzy and I still very much want to get my hands on my sublime weapon (costs 100 seals). Patience is required. Anyhow, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Until then,

Be well.


  1. I guess I should be honored, but I'm more perplexed than anything. I think It's because you treat me in a favorable light in your Blog which I humbly & truly appreciate.

    Regardless, If it gets more people reading your Blog ( which I prefer as I love reading it & this should get you to write more)I'm all for it, Jahf searches activate!! :P

  2. LMAO!! I was thinking it's probably more that you have an unknown stalker..dum dum dum! Who has Jaffacake offended, or indeed..befriended ;)

  3. O.o, I never thought of that & tbh I can't think of anyone..

    Good thing I know someone that has a background in dealing w/stalkers~! ~.^

  4. Are you using the basic blogger stats service Adurj or a different add-on? Mine don't seem to break down that much info.

    Who knew Jahf was so popular though!? Perhaps it's people searching for the Jewish-American Hall of Fame ;)

    ooo I got a Rift beta code!

  5. Yay on the Beta code..allowance. LoL, lets hope we both actually get the beta code ;)

    As for the blogger stats, I use Google analytics.