Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky happens (NotD)

The ‘outside’ area in my Gorowyn home is coming along rather nicely thank you. I am finding it a bit of a problem that the area I have to decorate is now soooo huge that it may take me an eternity to complete to my satisfaction. Yes, I can be a bit of a perfectionist! So far I have ‘Easter Island’ statue type things, dotted around the extremities of the island keeping watch. I have placed my graveyard now on a hill overlooking the bay. Round the far back side of the island I have placed a forward camp/lookout spot and created a makeshift ring of sorts. I have started on the grotto area and have had some ideas what I want to do with the docks. I’ve also managed to plug most of the ‘holes’ in the scenery where entrances to other zones are supposed to be, such as the top entrance to Gorowyn which I blocked with a piece of hedge from the recent Nights of the Dead quests. I have the screenies of my decorating efforts, although the outside area is far from complete. I’ll pop those on here tonight before raiding if I get time.

On the subject of the Nights of the Dead (NotD) festival, I have been running through all of the quests on Voltaan. All of these quests scale to your level and they give pretty good AA but also they are a lot of fun. This year you get sent a strange coin in the post and if you examine it after retrieving it from your mail, you’ll get a quest to be a Devotee of the festival. Basically, every update you need for that quest is in a zone you will need to visit doing the other NotD instances and quests. If you are going to do them though it’s probably best to do them in order as there are some items that you can only get if you have completed the home city questline in the Haunted House (in Freeport it’s the dude in the bank to start) and then gone on to complete the other quests like the Haunted Mansion in Loping Plains and the ones in Nek forest and the Hollow Hedge. Make sure you do the two haunted places (House in home city then Mansion in Somborn) before doing the Hollow Hedge quests. Hollow Hedge is the same instance as Cauldron Hollow, but make sure you speak to Altius on the Docks first (to get the quest)and then the lass who is at the end of the beach (turn left off docks to far end of beach) before you can gain access to Hollow Hedge. Once inside Hollow Hedge you can either follow the quest guide or try and work it all out for yourself. I’d recommend the try it yourself attitude. It’s not that tough and is a lot of fun if you read through it all.

All I would say is on your second run through Hollow Hedge (yes it’s well worth doing twice as you get another new quest when you zone in when you are doing it the second time through, something about reliving the tale again..there’s no lockout by the way) make sure that when you kill the final mob in the zone, that you loot his body, not just his treasure chest. If you loot the lockpicks he drops on the second time through the zone, a ‘Gleaming Chest’ appears at a predetermined spot. Once you loot that chest you get a ‘Lost Necklace’. As a rather nifty trick if you have that ‘lost necklace’ in your inventory, then head to Somborn Village and go to Havras Skutter, there will be (on a 5 minute respawn timer) a small red cube just behind him on the floor. Click this and if you have that necklace in your inventory, you will get three free prizes for your home. A box that screams when you are in your house (I put this on the broker and not in my house, as Frank Martin said, “I like the quiet”). You also get a ‘Blanket of Fog’ which is exactly that and a machine to turn on or off fog effects in your house. The very cool thing is, that there is no limit to how many times you click on the red cube. It’s worth doing as the Blanket of Fog goes for 7platinum a piece on the broker and in half an hour you can stack up about 5 or 6 of them ready for sale. Of course, I didn’t sell mine, they were used in the building of my graveyard in my house, but if ye need plats, it’s quite a nice earner at the moment.

On to other news and it looks like we may be getting an old face back in EQ2 again soon who is from my tribe. I’ll say no more in case they play it for five minutes and dislike it, but I’m sure somewhere in blogdom you’ll be updated as to their progress soon :) Welcome back!

In MotoGP racing Rossi gained a third spot on the podium at the Australian Grand Prix after just about ousting Nicky Hayden who he fought alongside for the whole race, so congratulations to him. However, I must say I am starting to notice a rather worrying trend here with my all time racing hero. The last few races, his moves to overtake at critical junctures of the race seem to have been rather daring and just on the edge of racing etiquette. Now I know he has done nothing wrong, but on both recent ‘critical’ overtakes (one in Malasia on Lorenzo and the one on Nicky in Aus), he simply pushed the other racer out the way or parked his bike so they had nowhere to go but slow right down. Now I know that’s racing, but I’m used to seeing more clean passes from Rossi that display his skill and talent and not simply parking his bike so that if the other racer wants to push the overtake, they would crash. Perhaps it is a sign that the competition is finally catching up to his talent. If I was racing against Rossi I guess I’d be pleased he is having to resort to less gentlemanly tricks to win as it shows the start of a possible weakness and the fact he is now struggling to keep up with his natural talent alone as the rest of the field start to gain their confidence and the talent gap shrinks. He is still producing amazing results though, can’t fault him for that.

Be well.


  1. Sounds interesting. Is there a minimum level you need to be to do the festival stuff?

  2. Nope, it all scales to your level, even the Loping Plains stuff. There are horses for travel in Loping Plains now, but even so it may be a bit tough getting there. Although I seem to recall a port to the Haunted Mansion for lowbees..anyhow, if not, lemme know and I'll group and call you to the front door of the Mansion..if and when you do the quests that is ;)

  3. Thanks for the post & info , I had no clue on how to go about doing thisstuff but I'll do it now. Seems someone is back,( Wb Mere~):D!

    Looking forward to seeing the home after you all finished as well.