Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 raids & a missing blog

Ok, so I’m a little peeved. I wrote a blindin’ blog yesterday but was too busy to post it (I write my blogs in Word at my leisure then cut and paste). So I saved it in my personal folders but overnight the company servers crashed and my bloggio is now awol. Guess I’m going to have to start over again!

EQ2 this weekend saw some good ole fashioned fun fun fun. Firstly on Friday night Ema and I played our secret toons for a few hours. They are now sitting at 21st level and have begun the Butcherblock timeline. We have started to hit a bit of a problem though. Because we have been grouped through all of the solo timeline, and on top of that we have both had our adventure exp turned down to transfer half of it to Alternative Advancement points, we really have been struggling to stay at the same level as the questlines we are doing. It came to a head about half way through Friday nights session when we realised we were struggling to complete orange quests, as we were completing the quest lines, but not levelling fast enough to keep up.

We had a few of solutions. One was to mash exp for a while, perhaps 2-box one of my top tier tanks to power level a bit to the right level. Another was to travel to say Antonica or Commons and do quests there more appropriate to our level. The final one and the one we went for was a kind of mixture of the above. I transferred a 24 SK I had on Kithicor server over to Antonia Bayle server. That way I can 2-box my SK and Wiz and have a bit of extra ‘oomph’ to grab the mobs attention and hopefully stop the mobs beating on Ema or my squishies. At the same time it would not be like power levelling as being only 3 levels higher the SK is in the same ball park as our secret toons. But it meant the quests were still too high for us to complete without plenty of dying. So we decided to take the new trio and do a bit of grinding to get us up just an extra level each to help with the orange con mobs. So far it seems to be working.

Tonight is another session and we will be starting the quests given at the top of the ramp in Butcherblock Mountains, having completed all of the quests down on the docks. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Other EQ2 fun saw me lead two raids this weekend. The first was in Ward of Elements on Saturday night and the second was an AA run through The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm in The Bonemire. Both nights were really good fun. Unfortunately we didn’t get very far in Woe for some reason. Before we started I tried encourage a faster run through but due to real life afk reasons this became too difficult and we only completed up until the fire guy. The following night saw us head to Labs. This was a great opportunity for some lower level guildies to experience raiding for the first time and I think fun was had by all including quite a few ‘dings’ with AA. Sadly the end of this zone did not end up as expected either due to a bugged zone. The problem was that Vyemm would not break encounter despite suicides staying out of aggro range. This made it impossible for us to complete. Even so I think all had a good time.

 Adurj and Acolytes of Valor raid WoE

MotoGP was great this weekend. I didn’t get to Jerez as I had hoped with it being a Public Holiday weekend and family comes first. I did however get to watch the race in full alongside the Moto2 race on the TV. The final standings were Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Rossi for the podium. A fantastic showing from the Spaniards on home turf so congratulations to you guys. Not a bad showing at all from Rossi either who had a nasty shoulder injury and problems with his bike. Sad news for ‘Team Texas’ though with Spies having to retire due to front end stability issues early in the race and Colin struggling with what appeared to be similar issues and finishing back in 12th, which is unusually bad. Let’s hope things improve for the team and that they can show their true potential in Le Mans in France in about 2 weeks time.

One of the best parts of the race for me was the fact that Nicky Hayden seems to be back on form finishing 4th and in front of his team mate Casey Stoner. It’s been a while since we have Nicky at the sharp end and I must say it’s a very welcome sight. Good luck to all the riders in Le Mans.

Until next time,

Be well.

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