Monday, May 17, 2010

Lotro, raiding and Chardok fun

Still trying to catch up on my blogs. So much to cover and so little time. I’ll start with a bit of Lotro. First of all I had a notification that my subs had run out the other day. I don’t use a credit card when paying for MMOs, I generally get game cards and use those. It’s not a personal choice but more of a security issue for my card issuer. For some reason because my card was issued in the UK but the I.P address I use is Spanish, most online stores won’t take or accept my card for ‘security reasons’. Not that I am bothered by that. The more security for my money the better, so I kind of respect the bank for that stance.

But, where Lotro is concerned I kind of wish I was allowed to use my card. The reason being that if I could, then I could purchase the one off sub to Lotro (think there is an offer at £75 for life subs) and that means I wouldn’t have to eventually end up paying more because I use game cards. Oh well, guess there is no help for that.

With my adventuring in EQ2 at the moment and trying to catch up in SF, I haven’t had as much time on Lotro as I had hoped in the last week or so. Hopefully that will change this week as I seem to miss Middle Earth when I’m not there much. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time to head in there again soon. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to finish off the Trestlebridge quests and continue the main plotline.

So what has old Caedluuf been up to? Well, I have recently been trying to clear up a few quest lines in different areas from my normal quest progression path and have moved my location from the Lone Lands and pushing out there, back to the other side of Bree to the North, where I have been questing in Trestlebridge. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. Firstly I don’t want to out level too much content and I would like to experience as much early content as I can before progressing too fast. Secondly, the quests in the Lone Lands have been completed up to that point with my bro’s alts. I know he wouldn’t mind me levelling ahead and completing those quests and if need be, later on I can do that. But whilst there is still level relevant content elsewhere I might as well get that completed and keep those quests I have with my brother free until I have no other content to complete before moving on to those.

I finally figured out why the horse race wasn’t working for me at the Spring Fair. It turns out the reward is the ability to purchase an event specific mount, and you need to be level 35 to ride or obtain it. In fact you may have to trade in your current level 35 mount to get it. So I guess I am too low level for that at the moment which is probably why it wouldn’t let me pick up the quest.

Trestlebridge is going well. The quests are what you would expect. Finding a lost someone or thing, collecting supplies, fighting off Orcs attacking the bridge. Standard stuff but still pretty interesting storylines along the way. Talking of story lines, I haven’t been completing the main line quests recently. For no other reason that I was not completing quests in the area that I need to visit. Of ocurse I will progress with the main questline when I’m back in the relevant area, but also I’d like to wait until I can carry it on with my Bro if possible.

EQ2 wise this weekend it was a pretty lean time. I wasn’t feeling too good on sat night so didn’t run the WoE raid as planned, but we did head in there last night. Not a bad run with most nameds dropping first time. When we raid next Saturday it’s going to be finishing WoE (I had to run before we could do Aiden) and then we are going to collect another group and head in to Tomb of the Mad Crusader for the first time (as a guild, I have done that zone a load personally). It should be a load of fun.

Friday night was great fun also on EQ2. Nothing too dramatic, just a quick run in to Chardok to help a guildy with their epic update. It was cool for me because me ole mucker Jahf joined us. It was quite a humorous run really. Deaths where we weren’t expecting them, a tank who had never tanked Chardok before and Sj as our healer, telling us to be careful, then pulling half the adds himself. I must say it was a bit of a relaxed giggle. I had a great time and it was great to hook up with Jahf as always.

Until next time,

Be well.

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the lifetime sub... LoTRO is going free-to-play from the autumn :)
    If it's anything like the DDO free-to-play (also by Turbine) it will work really well.