Monday, May 24, 2010

Mon Dieu! Stoner crashes at Le Mans

Le Mans. What an eventful day. I think possibly the news of the day has to be Stoner crashing out of another MotoGP. It seems the poor Aussie lad is having some serious issues at the moment. Stoner reported that the bike felt strong before he slid off and slated ongoing front end grip problems for the incident. I’m not so sure myself. I saw the crash, watched it on slow-mo and it seems to me that both front and rear started to go at the same time, almost as if the bike had been ridden off the edge of the tyres. There was no highside, the front definitely didn’t wash out first. It was kind of a gentle letting go of both front and back at the same time.

Lorenzo, Rossi & Pedrosa. Le Mans 2010 (

Whatever the causes it leaves Ducati on Stoners side of the garage way out of the runnings (currently 13th in the Championship) which is nowhere near good enough, especially as he should be in the top four. It must be soul breaking for Stoner to see Nicky Hayden do so well too. Another 4th spot finish for the American this weekend. An awesome ride that puts him in 5th spot for the Championship. Congratulations to Nicky.

The top two was as expected. Although I would have liked to see Rossi in the number 1 spot, nothing should be taken away from Lorenzos win. An amazing and mature ride from the Spaniard saw him bide his time until the perfect opportunity arose and he slid past Rossi with aplomb and started to gap the rest of the field immediately. Finishing around 6 seconds ahead of Rossi was a fine finish and a well deserved win.

Third spot on the podium went to Dovizioso who rode a blinder, passing Pedrosa around half way to take the third spot and stay there for the rest of the race. His first podium of the season and a good ride.

Results. Le Man MotoGP 2010 (Timing by Tissot)

In the press conferences following the race there was some pretty astounding revelations as Pedrosa was being grilled (and I felt he was, felt a little sorry for the chap) and it came to light that Honda were talking to Casey Stoner about a possible future away from Ducati. Why was this being posed to pedrosa? Well, it seems that if discussions go well, Honda would replace Pedrosa with Stoner. The bad thing about all of this? Pedrosa knew nothing about it until he was told at the press conference. Some pretty dirty low down tactics I felt. I’m not Pedrosas biggest fan, you know that, but I am a fan of treating human beings with respect. What they did to Dani at that press conference was downright rude and a pretty low act.

One thing that astounds me is that we have only had two races and already they are starting to talk about contracts for next year. It’s too damn early. The pressure those discussions puts on the riders and teams is immense. It has the capacity to ruin this years season. Yes, I know that all 4 big hitters have their contracts run out at the end of this season and yes of course the teams will be clamouring to get their pawprints on a contract and to seal the deal early. I just hope they do get this stuff sorted early, so we can concentrate on the rest of the season. Next race is on the 6th June at Mugello in Italy. Rossi’s home race and a track where all the top riders run well. Should be a blast. Let’s hope politics and ash clouds don’t get in the way.

Be well.

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