Friday, May 14, 2010

Fate only takes you so far..

I’ve been dabbling in Sentinel’s Fate for a while now. The expansion has been out for three months or so and it’s about time I told you what I think. First impressions were as always good. Exploring a new area is one of my favourite past-times so it is pretty much a done deal that the first few sessions of any new expansion I will enjoy, simply because it’s somewhere new to explore. Having only been to Paineel, Toxx, Stonebrunt, Kerra Isle & The Hole so far I guess I haven’t done too much exploring, but at the moment I am going where the quest lines lead me and trying not to get out of my depth.

There really does seem to be a lot of running around doing the solo questlines. Not so bad when you have evac and track but still a bit of a pain. At least I am getting to know the zone well, bit by bit. One of the problems I am having is my lack of time online. Levelling seems to be taking an age. Now I like it slow and steady but the levelling speed is really getting me down. I know I need to spend more time on the game to gain a better momentum on questing and grinding, but as it stands I think I’ll make 90th in about 6 months. Shameful.

One of the ways I have decided I can help speed this up is by two boxing. Adurj had already completed all of the solo line quests up until Kerra Isle, so I decided to bring Voltaan up to the same spot them carry them both on from there. This should help a fair amount. Hopefully this way I will have two toons hit 90 at around the same time, giving me a bit more scope of what 90 I want to play.

Another thing I need to do, seeing as the solo timeline really does seem a bit slow on the exp stakes, is get in some pick up groups and just start grinding The Hole [That’s what she said. – Ed]. I was hoping grinding would not be necessary this expansion, but I guess I’ll just have to put up with it and get a crack on. There’s no other thing for it if I want to raid T9 and progress. I normally enjoy the journey more than the race, but in this instance I am getting left behind and not experiencing content with my normal group of friends as I am simply not high enough.

I think overall my opinion of Sentinel’s fate is that it is better so far than TSO, but not as good as RoK. Time definitely has a big impact on my enjoyment levels it seems. Back when RoK was released I was playing every night and most days during the weekend. Now I am only getting online for about 2 – 4 hours during the week and possibly about 6 hours total in the evenings at weekends. This means perhaps that I am not enjoying the expansions so much as I simply do not have the time to master the huge amount of content.

Taking in to consideration of everything I need to do to get up to speed it is quite obvious why I feel a little daunted with such little time online. I need to, on both Voltaan and Adurj..

• Level to 90

• Harvest enough T9 rares to obtain Adept3s (yes I’m old school)

• Complete the solo questlines for AA

• Get Tinkering up as I level and Jeweller on Voltaan

• Bring AA up to speed as both toons are woefully low

• Make enough money to buy the top tier adornments when I’m raiding again

There’s plenty more I’m sure, but I’m sure you can imagine the amount of time required to do the above is quite large and taking in to account the 10 hours a week I get to play, it’s not really achievable soon. Patience is the order of the day. No worries.

Until next time,

Be well.

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