Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Toons and the Jerez connection

Well, I’m back from my enforced hiatus. Not that I minded being away, supporting my family is my main role in life and one I take great pleasure in. But, I’m back now, so without further ado..

For the first time in a while I have actually been able to play EQ2 with my wife. The other day we both created new toons to play together. My wife chose a Coercer and I a Wizard. Usually my wife doesn’t like me playing and grouping with her as our play styles differ so much. This inevitably means that I am not considered ‘hard core’ enough for my top end toons to group with her buds. At first I was a little put out by this but having watched her group with her friends I can now actually see the logic in it. There is no way I could perform like her and her pals do. The last time I saw them grouping, Ema was healing for 9-12 k hps per second and the groups total dps was over 100 thousand per fight. I’ve only been in a couple of raids where 24 people can hit that (albeit I haven’t raided seriously in months and months). Pretty impressive stuff and I can certainly see why they would want the very best of players with them. Anything less and they would not be able to complete the content they set out to.

So, because I missed spending time with the other half in game I asked her if she would be willing to start a new toon with me and the answer was an emphatic YES! You see it turns out that that kind of gaming is not really all that relaxing and recently my wife has needed a bit more ‘chill’ time. There are two provisos that I agreed to when we were creating them. One was that we would both go for finger wagglers and see how much chaos we could cause duo’ing those. The other was that my wife wanted the toons to be kept a secret (hence no names here!) as she has soooooo many friends on EQ2 that sometimes she just wants to be able to play without having to reply to a /tell every 20 seconds. A sentiment I understand, so I had no problem agreeing to her ‘terms’.

There is one exception to the ‘no friends – secret’ rule and that is a very close friend we have both had for a while in EQ2, you know who you are. They will be joining our new toon fest with a healer and I’m looking forward to having them onboard with team Clandestine Toon. I’m not going to give the ID of our buddy away lest wifeys other friends pester them for her toon details. Not sure that would happen but I’d rather not risk Emas wrath. For a tiny little green Arasai she packs one hell of a punch.

Currently my Wiz is sitting at 16th level with 13 AAs and Emas Coercer is 16th also with 14 AAs. We have both switched our AA slider to 50% Exp to be transferred, in a bid to perhaps avoid level locking but also to keep those AAs up. Our plan is that when we reach top tier we will already be fully AA’d out. Yeah, the levelling will take much longer but to be honest it’s the company not the progression I am interested in. I’ll keep you updated.

This weekend sees the MotoGP hit Jerez in Spain. The track is only an hours drive away from me and I still may head out there on Sunday and grab a gate ticket for the race. Hopefully Rossi will dominate as usual, but hopefully not too much! I don’t want to see him disappear off in front, but to fight it out for a win. Thinking back over his career, the very best of Rossi comes out when he is under pressure and the resulting battles are nothing short of spectacular. If you want to know what I mean check out this link and watch Casey Stoner battle it out with Rossi in Laguna Seca, California. It is a truly awesome show of riding skill, on both parts. The great thing about this is that all weekend testing and practice then qualifying, Stoner was wiping the floor with everyone. Little did anyone know that Rossi and Jeremy Burgess (Rossis Chief Engineer) were hatching a plan to keep their speed ‘low-key’ until race day to psych out the opposition. Truly great racing. Mind games and skill!

I’d like to see some solid performances this weekend from Rossi (of course), Edwards, Hayden and Spies. Good luck guys and welcome back to España.

Until next time,

Be well.

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