Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friends from distant shores

I thought it worth a mention that the other week Ema and I met up with some of her current and my ex-guild mates from ABs Tapiolan Sankarit guild, in real life. Ema and I already know Ardilla and Orlaith as they live only about an hour from us. But a few of the other guildies who I had met and played with in game came down from Finland to join in the fun and frolicks. Ratty, Tymar, Alexi and Rahua (apologies for naff spelling) were in Madrid and decided to catch the train down to the coast to see us all.

We got Emas Mum to babysit and headed out into Fuengirola to Moochers for a few drinks and a meal with our buddies (I was driving so no drinky for me). Because I was working the next day we couldn’t stay too late and eventually left about 2330hrs. It was a real shame. I was having a great time catching up with people who have only been a voice the other end of VC before and unfortunately I had to cut it short.

I just wanted to mention that it was great to meet you guys and as always great to see Ardy and Orly. I also wanted to say thanks for the Finnish battle bread and the crazy booze you gave us. Wow. Lethal stuff. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Now I just have the main one person in real life from EQ2 I am desperate to meet (and get drunk with). Playing any online game where interaction with others is so prevalent at some point you are bound to hit upon a kindred spirit. I have met a HUGE amount of top notch people playing EQ and EQ2. Totally great folks. But I’m talking about someone who has the same sense of humour, the same life values and you just know if you had grown up with that person you would be the very best of friends. I’m hoping that will happen in the next year or so. I know it will happen, I just have to be patient. The thing is Jahf me ole mucker, are you prepared for it? [That’s just mean. Adurj, why do you inflict yourself on people. Cruel, just cruel. – Ed].

Be well.

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