Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcanic Eruption delays MotoGP

With the first race of the MOTOGP season at Qatar already gone, Valentino Rossi grabbing a very important 1st place with Casey Stoner crashing out in the early laps. Rossi was pretty lucky I guess as he ran out of fuel on the slowdown lap after winning [luck has nothing to do with it. Math does. Plonker – Ed]. He commandeered some Joe Schmos scooter to get back to the pits for the podium. It looked pretty humourous seeing him ride round on his awesome Yamaha M1 then appear in the pits riding..well, take a look for yourself. (Thanks to MotoGP for the Piccies)

Rossi leading the pack - Qatar 2010

Rossi arriving in Pit Lane after victory - Qatar 2010

I’m now very much looking forward to Motegi in Japan this weekend. Except I’m not. Because the race has been postponed due to volcanic ash. Until October 3rd. So it’s a longer wait now until Jerez in Spain on May 2nd. I may see if I can grab myself a raceside ticket for race day seeing as Jerez is just down the road from me. I guess that depends on the weather. If it is stormy again then I don’t think I’ll go and I’ll sit at home to watch it.

On the subject of MOTOGP, I came across these links the other day.

Team Yamahas day at the Office

The Ben Spies Method

Team Texas Road Trip - Man-cation

They are funny shorts from Yamaha and the riders. Great stuff. I must say it’s nice to see people who are privileged enough to have talent and many other skills, really enjoying themselves and having a laugh. These guys get paid ridiculous amounts of money and it really is nice to see that they appreciate how lucky they are and they just get on with enjoying their lives. In contrast have you seen how miserable a lot of the Formula 1 drivers look? These guys are getting fantastic pay and all for doing something they love with a deep passion, yet half of them seem like grumpy miserable idiots. Sometimes I wanna shake them and ask them if they realise how lucky there are. That’s why it’s great to see the MOTOGP boys just having a great craic of it. Good on ye boys.

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