Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung.

I have been splitting my online time pretty equally recently between Lotro and EQ2. I’ll start with EQ2.

Last Saturday night was a riot. I have moved all of my toons out of Tapiolan Sankarit guild and back home to Acolytes of Valor. I really did enjoy being a part of Tapiolan Sankarit and on the whole they seem to be a really great bunch. I have met a couple of them in real life and it looks like I am going to meet a few more this weekend as some of them are over in Spain. The reason for my leaving however had nothing to do with me, but actually had to do with my wife Emarald. With us only having one computer we take it in turns. Now sometimes when Ema is playing I will go downstairs and watch a bit of TV (watched ‘What Happens in Vegas’ a couple of nights ago. Funny film), and others I will sit on the bed and read a book half watching her play. It has been over the last couple of weeks whilst I have been watching her play that I have noticed that ‘some’ of the guildies treat Ema pretty badly. In fact, that ‘some’ I have seen treat others badly too. Now I know that the ‘some’ is only a very very small fraction of the guild as a whole and should not be an indicator of the guild on a whole, because it is not. Tapiolan Sankarit was a very good guild to be in. But, when it is your wife being treated badly by these couple of people you want to do a couple of things. Now as I’m a law abiding citizen and the fact that I live over 2000 miles from the perps, my first reaction is not perhaps sensible or indeed achievable. My second reaction was to challenge them verbally about it, but being a good hubby I checked this was OK with Ema first. Unfortunately she didn’t want me to rock the boat, so I had to keep my mouth shut about it. So, the next best thing I thought was to distance myself. Hence my leaving Tap San and a return to AoV.

That’s actually not the only reason. I have been a big part of AoV for about 4 years now, possible a bit more. For about 2 of those 4 years I was a leader of the guild. Needless to say, when you input that much time and involvement in to a project like I did with AoV, you meet a lot of people along the way and a good number of them have become very good friends. So I guess I felt I wanted to go home too. So, two birds, one stone. Done. Bish, bash, bosh. I’m back in Acolytes.

Back to last Saturday! I had been asked by Sj, long standing Guv’nor of AoV to attend a WoE raid. So I decided that it would be a great opportunity to get some ‘face time’ back with my AoV buddies. As it happened, I turned up to find that I was supposed to be running the raid! Not too much of a problem in that I have been a raid leader before and I have run WoE a million times before. A little bit of a problem in that I was already chipping away at a bottle of Red Breast whiskey and was non compos mentis pretty much before we started and also had only recently returned to game from a break.

It was fun to lead again though. I really had a load of fun. We got the first three nameds down no problem at all. However, Digg caused us a few problems in that I think everyone in the raid was getting tired of my increasingly slurred direction and also a bit fatigued from a lot of waiting around (my ISP caused me havoc that was not fun for all involved and my apologies to the raid force for that!). Because of this I think concentration was slipping a little (me included) and as such we kept getting wiped by Digg. Mainly due to positioning of both mob and players. But, we will hit it a fresh again this Saturday I think and see what we can achieve. Hopefully my connection will be a bit more constant and we can whizz through the first few nameds to get to Digg again while we are fresh and ready for battle! Overall I think all attending had fun. I certainly hope so. I know I had a riot and quite a few larfs. Looking forward to Saturdays rerun.

Lotro! Spring Festival! I finally got a chance to hop on to Lotro and go and check out the Spring Festival event in the Horsefields. Unfortunately at the time it was kind of late and the festival grounds seemed kind of deserted. That is one thing with EQ over Lotro. As it is an international server, there is someone around all the time. For example at the recent brewday festival in EQ2 I noticed the bar was pretty busy no matter what time of day for me.

However, undeterred I decided to have a good look around and see what fun was available. The festival grounds themselves were very pretty and there was some vendors knocking around to speak to. I only found two quests though in the main centre part of the festival grounds and these seemed to want me to go to visit the other festival grounds in and around Bree and the Shire. I still haven’t completed those yet as that seemed like a lot of running around. I will perhaps check those out tonight.

I then found the maze. It’s strange. It took me only seconds to decide, ‘Yes, I do have enough time to have some fun here’ and then go and pick up a quest and enter the maze. I was tasked with finding 6 wandering Elves lost in the maze. I found 5 then wandered round for so long I actually think there is now a quest outside to find a wandering Hunter. Eventually I did escape from one of the back entrances to the maze, but alas did not find the fifth Elf. I guess I shall have to pop back in to sort that out. Aside from that I saw what was quite clearly the start of a horse race with four horses lined up and ready to go. The race course looks like a lot of fun (I know this because I ran it on foot), but for some reason I couldn’t get the lady who runs the races to speak to me. I obviously have to do something else first. Or maybe wait until daytime. It certainly looked like a lot of fun though, so I will definitely be finding out about that. In general I think I need to revisit the festival grounds when it is a little more lively to see if there is anything else on offer. There must be some things I don’t know about as when I was wandering the maze a big message in orange writing appeared on my screen stating ‘The Chickens have entered the maze!’, and later ‘The Chickens have escaped the maze!’. Sounds intriguing, so I will have to find out what that is all about.

Apologies for the gloomy screenies. It was the middle of the night after all!

The main festival site

The Horse races

Looking down on the maze

Centre of the maze

Until next time,

Be well.

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