Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old style. Just for fun.

EQ2 last night. I logged in purposefully on EQ2 instead of Lotro as I had promised my old guild leader and friend Sjlverwolf to help him and some others from Acolytes of Valor. As it turns out I logged in with Adurj at about 1930hours (my time) and he was nowhere to be seen.

So, I bumped in to me old mucker Jahf in Paineel and we chatted for a short time before I went to have some dinner and watch a bit of The Office: An American Workplace. I love that programme. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the UK version of The Office but I think the American version appeals to my sense of humour a bit more.

Sj logged in a little later and so him, Jahf, Baresark, Deelora, Wolfgare and I got together to do a quick run of Veksar:The Invasion in Fens. It was more of a case of simply finding somewhere to hang out together than actually heading there to achieve something.

It was a fantastic run through in that we all had a really good laugh and I got to catch up with Jahf on voice chat, which is always a blast. There was only one wipe and that was down to our healer dropping LD in the last fight. Unavoidable really and to be honest I don’t think any of us were thinking about XP debt or anything else boring. We were just having fun.

I love to do groups like that. No pressure, mess about, have an afk when you like type of groups. In moderation of course! I don’t think I would progress anywhere equipment wise if I grouped like that all the time. Sometimes you need a focused, hard working, dedicated group set up to conquer content. But, when you don’t have to, or are burned out from hardcore adventuring there is nothing like catching the chill train to Veksar. Or anywhere really.

An example of how this group was a ‘do it how you like it’ group was the set up. We had no real DPS apart from our 90 SK Deelora was DPS’ing and Jahf (Trouby) and I also. Sj’s DPS was good too and Wolfgare the Fury helped out also. Our tank was Sj, an 88th Paladin over the SK as she didn’t fancy tanking. In fact Deelora stated at the start of the group “Sj, you know I don’t do tanking”. I did actually wonder how a SK got to 90 with avoiding to tank at anytime, but that was the beauty of the group. No one cared as long as we had fun.

On a different note, Lotro should have the Spring festival up and running soon (if it is not already) so I am really looking forward to checking that out. It’ll have to wait though as it’s Emas turn online tonight, so I’ll probably be checking it out on Friday evening.

Screenies of last nights fun to follow when I get home.

Until then, be well.

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