Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dabbling in Sentinels Fate

It never used to bother me before when I ran ‘Revenants’ blog, but for some reason whilst I have had little time available to post here I have been getting more and more wound up about it. Like an enforced absence it is something I didn’t want but by the same token thought would not be a problem to me. It’s weird. It’s not like I have a huge amount of readers, yet I have been chomping at the bit because I haven’t posted for ages. I won’t bore you with the details of why. You’ve heard it all before, busy work etc.

So, online adventures! First of all, I have now had an opportunity to try out the expansion in EQ2, Sentinels Fate. It’s really pretty good from what I have experienced. Yes, the quests are (so far) very similar to normal, go here, do that. But they have not been arduous at all and Adurj has been clocking them off at a nice speed. I am certainly not rushing in levelling Adurj. It’s definitely not a race and if it was I would have lost a long time ago, so...no mega levelling, just fun. Adurj sits at 81 at the moment. My next step with him is to get his mining up to speed. I simply refuse to pay over 5plat for a rare so that means I need to start mining them myself.

Aside from that, first impressions as I say are pretty good. Not amazing, just pretty good. A lot of people have been waxing lyrical to me about how good the zones look. Well from what I have experienced so far they really aren’t that breathtaking. I think my perception is such for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because the area I am in at the minute (just outside Paineel, in to Toxxulia etc) reminds me too much of the TSO barren landscape. All browns and beiges interspersed with a few little bits of greenery. I don’t particularly like those types of areas. Secondly, I now play Lotro. Lotros scenery knocks EQ2 scenery in to the dust, for six, out the park. You get the picture. I used to really rate EQ2s graphics and the character graphics are still better than Lotro. However, the scenery now in EQ2, especially if I hop from Lotro to EQ2, seems quite cartoony. Sorry Sony, but in that particular area, Lotro has you beat. Hands down.

I was having this discussion with my Bro last night whilst we were playing Lotro and I shamefully admitted to him the other thing I miss about Lotro when I play EQ2. This is so sad and I can’t believe I am about to share. I really miss the sound of my Hunters bow twanging away. [Too....many....responses....Head....hurts....attempting ....to....digest....information – Ed]. Yes, I know it’s ridiculously sad, but it’s true. I miss how he fights, the huge distance he can use his bow over, and of course the sound of him ripping it. Strange, but true. There ye go. Aside from those things though and forgetting about the scenery issue, EQ2 is still a fun game to play and so far, overall impressions are of a good, fun, playable expansion.

I’m currently looking forward to the Spring Festival on Lotro. My Bro has been telling me all about it and it sounds pretty awesome fun. I’m not going to ruin it yet by providing details, I’ll wait until I have screenies for you. It will be my first event in Lotro that I have taken part in and I am keen to see if it matches up to the likes of the Brewday Festival in EQ2. I’ll let you know.

Until then, be well.

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