Thursday, March 3, 2011

It leaves a nasty taste..

I feel violated. Last night wifey and I sat down to watch a movie, ‘The Human Centipede’. I knew it was going to be a shocker movie, something along the lines of ‘Hostel’, but it was worse. I guess there were some artistic aspects and a pompous critic may say it’s ‘a journey through the doors of consciousness, exploring the depths of Human depravity’, but quite honestly that’s poppycock. It’s pretty damn sick and actually made me feel a little ill at times. It’s very weird indeed. I have seen in real life much more gross and gory things in law enforcement, but watching it on the screen for fun, well, it’s just not my cup of tea thanks. Sick film and I suggest you stay away. For what it’s worth, the wifey loved it and even says it’s in her top ten now. This worries me! I wonder if I should take note that her top ten also includes ‘House of a Thousand Corpses’ and ‘The Devils Rejects’. Disturbing.
Mental note: Sleep now requires one eye open.

Speaking of wifey, it looks like she has now quit EQ2 permanently and has followed her friends to RIFT, downloading the game last night. I knew this was a perma thing when I logged in to having all her coin in my inbox. I’m now a lot of plat richer. Not that there is anything to buy nowadays. I’m still feeling my way round the new expansion but I’m finding I don’t have a lust to head to the new zones every day. Yesterday for example, I didn’t visit Velious at all when I logged in and instead headed over to Pillars of Flame to hang out with my Bro for a bit. Even though I was a bit of a spare part as wifey downloading RIFT made my lag range anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds behind, I still had fun just hanging. We headed in to The Clefts of Rujark too just to make sure Merecraft got all the AA and big quests done in there. We still have to head back to do ‘Scornfeather Roost’ instance but aside from that there isn’t too much left to do in there. I’m looking forward to when he heads to Tenebrous Tangle as I haven’t done the Cloud Mount questline on Volt yet. I love that zone also, great fun. Basket quests and freeing frogs from Scaleborn tower captivity remains my lasting memory. Although I have already done the Claymore questline on Volt, I’d be more than willing to accompany my Bro through it. It’s incredibly long and arduous, but leads you nicely through TT and The Barren Sky and the instances in both. Good storyline too.

This coming Saturday, the guild are heading to The Court of Al Afaz raid zone for some fun. I’m looking forward to that. I’m trying to provide some earlier raid content as those are the levels folks struggle to get groups/raids at and are the best levels for them to start learning raid strats. Yeah, I know the historic mobs are pretty much tank n spank but it’s good to start indoctrination in to the basics at an early stage. That way you know that if you can master things like ‘stay behind the tank at all times’. You know, the real simple stuff that gets everyone killed if not abided by in later tiers. Aside from all that it’s always fun to simply hang with my guildies. I kind of plan on doing progression raiding for a while until Velious raiding becomes a bit more run of the mill. Taking the guild to SF raid zones will achieve little at the moment. The loot dropped from the mobs that we could tackle as a guild has already been superceded by the Velious quest legendary gear. So, we’ll be doing some tier 7 then 8 raids after Court of Al Afaz. It’s always fun re-visiting the old raid zones.

Right, that’s it for today, work beckons! I’ll be online tonight no doubt with wifey trying out RIFT. I certainly won’t be watching any movies with her anyhow. My choice next time. I think it’s going to have to be Toy Story 3.

Be well.


  1. Toy Story 3 is great (my fave movie of last year)! I haven't seen THC, but I'd rather spend my time in the company of Woody & Co anyway! I guess it's good to hear THC lives up to its billing.

    Looking forwards both to the raid on Saturday and starting the KoS run through as well. Don't think I've ever done the cloud quest or the Claymore line!

  2. You write so well Bro that I feel I can actually see you & "Wifey" watching the movie & you playing EQ2 while She DL's Rift.

    That was a good read that I enjoy immensely because I feel like I'm being allowed a glimpse into your lives & that's ALWAYS Rad.

    Alicia is a Gore fiend, she'll probably love to watch that movie as she really enjoyed Hostel, I'll have to let her know about it, not my cup of tea though.

    Wish you both love & happiness as always!

  3. You know, I read todays blog, responded to it, & then went to a few sites, checked e-mails & such... Then it hit me like a right to the jaw from Mike Tyson circa 1988, Emarald is gone from EQ2 & I really really got shaken about that, I'm not a sentimental type of cat but the thought of E not playing anymore just makes me unbearably sad.
    You 2 playing EQ2 introduced me to true friends in a MMO & the thought that one of you isn't in that game anymore whether I'm there or not is very upsetting to me right now & I'm abit shook up atm, I really feel quite at loss.

    Don't tell her though Bro, She'll call me a (insert whatever term for "wimp" each reader to the Blog feels applies)& make me feel like a chump.

    I'll be back later to read more of your awesomeness but right now I'm going to go pour out a lil' liquor in memory of our time in EQ2.

  4. You know, you are very right there Jahf my friend. End of an era for sure and one that does deserve some sort of swansong. I'm still in EQ2 though, for the time being. She's followed all of her Tap San friends to RIFT. I looked at their guild roster yesterday and there are loads of them over there! Frat looks like it is dying a death without them too.

    Ema has read your first comment, not your second tho (she saw it in my emails, she never reads my blog - has enough of my ramblings at home I think), and she has asked me to tell you she feels like she has lost contact with one of her best friends and that she misses you a huge amount. She's going to pen an email to you later today Bro :)

    Thanks as ever for your kind comments on my scribbling. Be well buddy.