Monday, March 21, 2011

Velious: Unexpected fun

I’ve had a bit of a surprise the last few days.  Just to kill a bit of time of an evening I have been logging in to EQ2 to chat to friends, clear some bags, go through my banks slots. A strange thing happened. My guild leader Sjlverwolf and a few others were indulging in some Public Quests and I didn’t even get asked just got thrown an invite to attend. As I was there to spend time with my friends, this was all fine. We were at what is called The Ring War PQ and I hadn’tbeen involved with them before so had no idea what to expect. It was crazy! So so busy. I was part of a full raid, but there must have been almost another full raid there too and the waves of mobs keep a comin’ until the big bad at the end.  It was quite simple and straightforward but was actually quite good fun with so many folks involved in the battle. When the event is over you get a reward given to you by the forces you helped and they are a choice between about 4 or 5 items.  If you are lucky you may get your class specific fabled weapon (yellow slot only). One of the rewards is an armour crate. There are various different versions of these but the easy way to tell how successful/lucky you have been is by adornment slot. The good stuff has a yellow and white adorn slot, the average stuff has a white only slot.

Although I have a feeling I will get bored of these very quickly, at the moment I am a bit surprised to find out there is something I enjoy (for the moment) about Velious. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of doing the public quests, I now have Volts Fabled weapon, four armour slots and a couple of adornments.  It was a real mental challenge to unequip my tier 2 red slot items for this stuff as I worked hard to get that gear and for it just to be useless and replaced by mainly legendary kinda sticks in my craw. But I guess it’s unavoidable and I already have had my fair share of moaning on that subject. Even though it’s a shame to see all that hard work go to waste, the new kit even though legendary is quite a bit better. It doesn’t necessarily look so on paper, but because of the combat & stats changes they have made, it just seems to work. My dps for the heroic training dummy (solo’d) went from around 13-14k to over 24k just with the few legendary  pieces I have and my new weapon. The mind boggles at what the raid stuff will be like, but I guess that’s a non issue for me nowadays. I still have it in my mind to quit the game at some point soon and most definitely won't be playing seriously anymore, just helpin' me Bro and messin about doing the occasional public quest.

On to bike news, the first race of the MotoGP season has been and gone and it was a great season starter. Of course my boy Vale didn't do as well as he would have liked with a seventh position, but then again he is still badly affected by injury and the bike is nowhere near ready for him yet. Another rider plagued by injury and perhaps more disappointing for him as he wasn't expecting the old injury to flair up was Dani Pedrosa who battled with Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo for the first two thirds of the race then dropped dramatically back when the old injury in his left arm flared up rendering his arm pretty much useless. Congratulations go to Casey Stoner for an almost perfect race, but particularly Jorge Lorenzo who after seeing his Yamaha be dominated by the Hondas throughout winter testing and for each of the practice sessions and also qualifying, managed to battle off the rest of the Hondas to get second place on the podium. An awe inspiring ride.

Jorge Lorenzo. Qatar MotoGP 2011
 Be well.

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  1. Great you found something to like about Velious! Wasn't the ring war a quest in the original Velious expac too?