Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raid weekend

Last night was my first raid in to Velious content as the Fraternity hit ‘Kraytoks Fortress of Rime’ in the Great Divide. It really was only a fact finding mission and we had just under three groups of folks attending. It was interesting to see the new strats and nameds. Wow, they hit hard, and a lot. I really was surprised about the difference. Stone skin was absorbing 50k hits and we went down regularly. It was still fun and after a bit of hashing the first nameds actually died to things falling from the ceiling and not us, so we moved to the second named and played with that for a while. In the end no nameds were killed but we gathered some good hints and tips for our next visit. Part of the problem was the new kit required. I have seen some tanks walking around with about 50k health because they are wearing the new Ork faction gear from Eastern Wastes. I guess we need to get our own hit points up to that kind of level before we can take the new expansions raiding seriously. The devs did mention somewhere that unless you have wing 3 of Underfoot Caverns on farm status it is unlikely you will succeed at the raids at first. We didn’t have that on farm.

I’m starting to think about knocking top tier raiding on the head. Now that Ema has moved on it’s still fun but there seems to be something missing and add to this the fact that for us to succeed in the new raid zones there will have to be some pretty crazy faction grinding and some intensive instance running for shards, I’m really not sure I have the time or the enthusiasm to chase those goals. I’m yet to decide, but I think I may just stick to normal adventuring and raiding previous tiers soon.

Saturday night saw the Acolytes of Valor head out to The Pillars of Flame and in to The Court of Al’Afaz. The turn out wasn’t too bad really for an event only posted on the in game calendar. Yeah, we only had 9 attendees for a x4 raid, but the fact that a few were mentored down from 90 more than made up for the shortfall. As ever it was a typical AoV raid, plenty of fun and giggles and me getting folks all confused as I tried to read loads of tells and navigate round the zone. Subsequently I ended up leading everyone in circles as I decided which tower we would hit next. All good fun. One funny part for me was the last fight against The Black Queen. I warned everyone that she teleports random members of the group round the zone and my Bro asked me “what happens if you get teleported as main tank?” My answer was that you would have to try and manage as best you could but it isn’t likely to happen. Guess who was ported first? Yup. It’s a real pain when you are ported in that fight as you have to wait for the lifts to get back up the tower. They take a long time to cycle as it is, but when you are trying to get to your raid force after being ported, they seem to take forever. Anyhow, by the time I had got back up there, the mob was on like 2% health, so no worries. A fun night in all.

Ema has been making herself busy since she has quit EQ2. Not spending so much time on the computer or indeed RIFT (she says it’s too laggy), she has been catching up on watching her soaps and in addition, creating wondrous dishes in the kitchen. I think the latest series of Masterchef has something to do with that. Not that I am complaining, although my waistline has ballooned a little in the last week. Time to hit the beach with the Nikes methinks.

Be well.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Good raiding and good eating!
    Get Ema to ask for Felewyn's oat biscuit recipe and your waistline will balloon even further!

  2. Sounds like a Bangers N Mash kind of time to me me Boyo!!